Nutidskunst fra Thailand

I nedenstående erklæringer angiver de fire kunstnere, hvordan de opfatter deres kunstneriske virke:


Boonying Emjaroen

Symbol of Virtue

As a mother, I always try to look after my children and my own family with true love. As an artist, I usually try to communicate virtuous emotions, such as mental peace, purity of mind and love which have been energising the power of imagination, enabling me to accomplish these paintings. To me, the most suitable symbol to convey all virtues and happiness for all mankind – through arts, is no other than these dewdrops.

Pratuang Emjaroen

The Path of Nature

The path of Nature is composed of thruth and all pure virtues which create wisdom. Leading toward spiritual liberation – the very base of all creative works, including arts and other virtuous deeds. With complete understanding evolving state of nature and acknowledging that all is but one, man can learn to know about our Earth and Universe, to perceive the essence of sadness as well as happiness – and thus can be enlightened about the real true value of life and his own self. Along this path of Nature, man can achieve the creative force in which wisdom and virtue rest in equilibrium and can, according to his own aim, create peace for all mankind.

Maitree Homthong

Purity of Spirit

Purity of Spirit is the essence of life given us by and from Nature herself. Nowadays, however, our actual society has changed and lessened the power of Virtue. That surely should have warned us all against the forthcoming results flowing toward us in the fierceful tides of globalisation.

I can only hope that man shall be wise enough to see through causes and effects of all atrocities to come, and then be able to destroy mistrust among men, in order to keep our Earth ever fit for living together

Somchai Wacharasombat


I've got my inspiration from the curious spiritual merging of nature and life. Whenever I have seen or perceived the greatness of nature, I can't help drawing nature to compare with human life and thus finding out the most valuable lesson which I proceed to communicate, through artistic methodology upon the canvas - with liberated mind.

Udstillingen støttes af CKU, Center for Kultursamarbejde med Udviklingslandene.