18. januar – 15. maj 2022

Du sanser historien på en helt anden måde, når billedmaterialet fra kurbadets tid har været en tur igennem Sergei Sviatchenkos (f. 1952) helt særlige ’visuelle vridemaskine’. Sideshowet EMOTINAL RESCUE kan ses i Skovvilla - i dialog med udstillingen om kurbadets historie.
I den lille tilhørende folder skriver Iben From bl.a.:

“The site and area is marked by a certain spirit after 100 years of people seeking it for mental or physical recovery. Treatments and behaviors seem rather old fashioned seen though our contemporary eyes. The collages open in different ways the attention to unconscious cracks in the surrounding environment and a sensibility to understand what cannot be said in words: contradictions, peculiarities, wonder.
It’s a kind of visual short-cut to history, but also to the idea of more existing between heaven and earth than what is normally thought. At tribute to the richness of nature and life.”      


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