The Art Center Silkeborg Bad offers attractive opportunities when your company has to run courses, conferences or meetings - whether it is business or outdoor, whether there are many or few participants.


Conference room:
The meeting room is located in the Spa Building and can accommodate up to 12 people
Spa Building:
The Spa Building can be rented outside the common opening hours. Here you are surrounded by art.
The panorama hall, overlooking Lake Ørnsø, forms a beautiful setting for your event, conference or similar. The room can accommodate up to 120 people depending on current art exhibitions.
Likewise, it is possible to use the classic pillar hall, where the spa guests came to get healthful baths. This hall can also accommodate 120 people, depending on current exhibitions.


Café Ørnsø (located in the Spa Building) offers to arrange lunch and coffee breaks during the day. Larger catering concepts are offered by appointment. This can be done in the café or in Søvilla by arrangement. You are welcome to ask, so we can arrange a meeting especially for you.


It is possible to book one of our talented guides who tell - indoor or outdoor - about the history of Silkeborg Bath, about the sculpture park or about one of the current art exhibitions. We can highly recommend this, also as an inspiring break in a tight program.


Contact director Iben From,, tel. + 45 3841 0945, and get help to make an event for your particular company.


The Art Center is beautifully situated by one of the Silkeborg Lakes and immediately by the large forests south of the city. A visit here opens up for great experiences - both outdoors and indoors.
The KunstCentret is housed in classic buildings that previously contained an exclusive spa, to which guests came from all over the country.
The large sculpture park, which surrounds the center and the beautiful nature, offers rich opportunities for hiking and beautiful experiences.
The indoor art exhibitions vary throughout the year in a versatile program, which provides the opportunity to get inspiration
The whole area exudes history and natural beauty - from memories of the spa time and the Arnakkekilden, from which 750,000 liters of clear water a day runs - to botanical tales and species richness, as well as adjacent natural forests and the fresh lake Ørnsø with a 3 km tour.

Rental and accomodation

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