Suggestions for walking routes

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The Ørnsø Footpath
A walk of approximately 3 km around the lake. Note: The path can be partially flooded during certain periods.
The walk provides excellent opportunities of experiencing bird wildlife. On the water, there are geese, Eurasian coots and ducks. Common kingfisher and herons are often seen at the shores. The swamp forest has a rich variety of small birds. You can hear them in spring when the birdsong from tits and other birds peaks. The nightingale sings at the South-western end of the lake.  With a bit of luck, the autumn presents the phenomenon of "bird flock": swarms of starlings dancing over the lake.

The Tree Walk
A round trip walk of approximately 3,5 km through the forest. The route is not marked.
Its point of departure is in the Sculpture Park. Along the way you pass more than 40 different tree species. At the route there is an area with beeches which are more than 250 years old and have holes housing bats, wood peckers, tits and other birds. The route is dominated by large conifers: Douglas fir, European silver fir, noble fir and giant noble fir. The thickest tree (4,48 m circumference) grows where the route crosses the Bryrup Banesti (Railway path). The Eastern part of the route leads via a narrow path to the vista point by Kroghs Bænk (Bench), where from the lake sore and the footpaths can be followed back to the starting point.

Two historic health-resort locations
A round trip walk of approximately 6 km via footpaths and forest routes. Not marked.
Walking route between the former spa facilities of Silkeborg Bad and Gl. Skovridergaard. The route passes two excellent bathing locations by the Almindsø lake. In the Vejlbo Mose moor, there is a rich plant life with many small bushes and Myrica. In the middle of the 19th century Michael Drewsen's peat factory was located here. It was closed when the railway came in 1872. The Gl. Skovridergaard healt-resort opened in 1915 in the old forester house of Marienlund. Today, the historic buildings are used as hotel, restaurant, and meeting centre.

The Silk Route
The Silk Route is a 12 km long nature, culture and experience trail that encircles central Silkeborg. When you go on the Silk Route, you get ample opportunity to experience a wide selection of all that Silkeborg and the state forests around it have to offer. You come through a landscape that constantly changes from lake to forest, and the route also takes you past many of the city's major cultural institutions. The trip includes a special combination and variety of city and nature. The route is marked with white pictograms on poles such as those known in the Danish Nature Agency's areas, so it is easy to find your way. It is obvious to start / end your hike at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. Get a map of the Silk Route here


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