The bird life at Lake Ørnsø

Surrounded by forest, meadows, bogs and streams, Lake Ørnsø has a very exciting and varied birdlife.


In autumn, both swallows and stars gather for overnight in the lakes of the lakes. Before the starlings settle down, you can some years see bigger and smaller flocks flying over the lake and make 'black sun'. From the end of August until October, the fishing eagles are again seen across the lakes in autumn migration to Africa.


During the winter months, the lake is visited by many ducks from all over the Nordic countries. Big merganser, goldeneye, tufted duck and swans are seen on the lake. If the lake is freezing, the birds will gather in the wave where River Funder Å runs into the west of the lake. Here you can often see hundreds of birds gathered.


In April and May, you can often see the eagles floating above the lake. The fishing eagle is on spring migration from Africa to breeding places in Sweden and Norway. The high whistling of the kingfisher can be heard when it is flying low above the water level, and in the old beech trees on the south side of the lake you can be lucky enough to see the night owl's kids sitting on the branches from mid-May. On the lake, the grebes are starting their mating dance with the powerful head shaking.


On the meadow in the west of the lake you will hear in the early summer the little singers whistle beautifully at dusk. You may be lucky to hear the nightingale. The cuckoo is in the process of finding suitable bird nests in the reeds to lay their eggs in. On the lake, both grebes and coot are seen in a fierce battle for invisible territories, which must not be exceeded.
The cormorant dives for fish in the lake and often stays overnight in trees along the banks of the lake.