The Sculpture Park

See a map of the sculpture park and pictures of all the sculptures here

The splendid outdoor park areas are used by many the year round. Not just for special events in the area, but as an excursion site in its own right. The park is a place where children can play, a place for picnicking or enjoying the sunset, a place for walking your dog, sunbathing, walking, playing in the snow, etc. The Sculpture Park is open to the public all year, and admission is free of charge. 

The Sculpture park has more than 40 sculptures. Some are here on a permanent basis, while others have been placed temporarily. Some of the sculptures have even had their place in the park since 1929. Most of the sculptures arrived after the Art Centre opening in 1998.

The Park
The modern day park was designed by landscape architect Vibeke Holscher. The park underlines historic dimensions from the former health resort, contributes with new dimensions, and creates a space for the presentation of art. Groups have the opportunity to book guided tours of the Sculpture Park. Book a guided tour

Artists with works on display
The following artists are represented in the Sculpture Park: Lysippos (GR), Kai Nielsen (DK), Jørn Larsen (DK), Jean Clarebout (F), Carl Krull (DK), Jørgen Haugen Sørensen (DK), Buller Hermansen (DK), Lawson Oyekan (GB), Frede Troelsen (DK), Anka Landtau (D), Bjørn Kromann Andersen (DK), Peter Bonnen (DK), Oddvar I.N. Darren (N), Hanne Keis (DK), Erik Heide (DK), Annette Holdensen (DK), Hugo Liisberg (DK), Sigrid Lütken (DK), Erik Nyholm (DK), Niels Guttormsen (DK), Leif Quistgaard Olsen (DK), Grethe Raskmark (DK), Niels Rahbæk (DK), Pontus Kjerrman (S), Anton Rosen (DK), Vibeke Rønsbo (DK), Sergei Sviatchenko (DK/UA), Johannes Wald (D) and Lars Waldemar (DK).

You can hear more about each sculpture in our audio guide, which you can borrow at the reception. Read more here

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