The Sculpture Park

The sculpture park contains just over 45 sculptures. Most are permanent, while a few are temporarily lined up. The oldest two sculptures have had their place in the park since 1929, but the vast majority have come into being since the establishment of the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad (1992). Especially in the last 10 years, the collection has expanded significantly.

Today, new forms of expression challenge the traditional concept of sculpture. On a walk in the Sculpture Park, you experience how differently artists today express themselves with sculpture. At the same time, the Sculpture Park tells about significant currents and development trends in modern art. Sculpture is today a fairly broad artistic form of expression, embracing both classical imaginative figures, abstract sculptures, country art and installations of various kinds. Today, artists use many different, previously completely unthinkable materials as a medium for their artistic expression. Our park contains works by both Danish and foreign artists.

See a map of the sculpture park and pictures of all the sculptures here

Public tours of the sculpture park are regularly offered, see the calendar here (Danish text only).

Groups have the opportunity to book their own tour of the sculpture park. Book a tour here

You can also go on your own tour and hear about the individual sculptures via our audio guide, which is on loan from the reception. Read more here 

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