The purpose of corporate art sponsorships

is to instigate a mutually beneficial cooperation in which the sponsor contributes to help ensure the financial foundation for the operation and continued development of the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. Furthermore, the purpose is to strengthen the partner image, to use the Art Centre as a framework for corporate sponsor activities, to heighten the qualitative level of the exhibitions, and to develop the international aspect. Contact the Art Centre for further information on corporate art sponsorships +45 8681 6329.

Top Art Sponsors:

Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank has always supported art, so it is only natural to be a Top Art Sponsor for Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

Art is very much about the freedom to challenge the traditional. Artistic freedom to think new and different. And like to provoke. It is a freedom Jyske Bank has always valued in the financial world. The freedom to be a different bank.

The concept of artistic freedom is put into strong perspective with Silkeborg Bad's history as German headquarters during the occupation. With the sponsorship, Jyske Bank hopes to contribute to Silkeborg Bad's vision of creating a "breathing space where all people can meet and have high-quality art experiences". A breathing space where guests have time and space to reflect on art - and perhaps on the question: What is freedom for you?



In many small and medium-sized companies, there is a lot of talent and potential, both to grow and to increase earnings, but the many daily operational tasks often block the view.
With the right board

     You get help to create visions, strategy and enthusiasm.
     Are you challenged as a leader and get valuable sparring
     Are you helped to create an overview and prioritize.
     You get professionalism and control of formalities
     You get an understanding of the family challenges

In short, the right board creates both value and peace of mind.


Basic Art Sponsors:

Supplier sponsorship:

History sponsorship:


VVS Installatør Ole K. Hansen













Glarmester Gjerulff













Kamark Skiltesystem A/S













Silkeborg Kommune













Bomavent A/S













Malernes Andelsforretning













H. Reimar Nielsens Ejendomsselskab













Mascot International A/S













Dansand A/S













Fabrikant Anders Winther og 
hustru Karla Winthers Mindefond













Revisor Lars Kruse







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