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The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad is member of several networks, partly because of our role as an art institution in Silkeborg, and partly because of our area of specialisation. Some of the more formal networks have the purpose of heightening visibility.  The Art Centre is a member of:

FKD - Danish Visual Artists
ODM – Association of Danish Museums (associated member)
Erhverv Silkeborg (Business Silkeborg)
KK44 – Kristendoms- og kulturugerne i Silkeborg (Christianity and Culture Weeks of Silkeborg)

FKD - Danish Visual Artists

Danish Visual Artists was founded in 1992. The member art halls are all venues with continual art exhibitions. The art halls have no permanent collections. The association views it as a special task to communicate international contemporary art , to be a platform for new experiments, and to create a space for dialogue between Danish and foreign art.

Other than the Art Centre KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, the association has the following members:

Brandts 13
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning 
Fotografisk Center 
Galleri Image 
Gl. Holtegaard
Kunsthal Charlottenborg 
Kunsthal Nord 
Kunsthal Aarhus 
Kunsthal 44 Møen 
Nikolaj Kunsthal 
Overgaden. Institut for Samtidskunst 
Viborg Kunsthal 


The Association of Danish Museums ( has just under 200 members, comprising both art museums, museums of natural history, and museums of cultural history all over the country. All members report to the Danish Agency for Culture. Also, a series of other institutions are associated members of the ODM.


  • DKK 250,- / DKK 175,- annual
  • Free access all year
  • 10 % discount in the café
  • Free admission to one guest


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