Guided Tours

The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad offers guided tours of the current art exhibits to private parties, groups, and schools. Get a glimpse of the art exhibitions, the Sculpture Park, or get a glimpse of Silkeborg Bad’s history. Such guided tours will always comprise a brief introduction to the locality to the benefit of those who visit for the first time.

The Art Centre offers the following guided tours:
Current exhibition with focus on one of the current exhibitions
The history of Silkeborg Bad with focus on the time when the place was a hydropathic establishment
The Sculpture Park with the history of a selection of the exhibited sculptures

A guided tour normally takes about 45-50 minutes. We also plan guided tours where the focus is on any special interest within the group. Please book guided tours two weeks in advance of your visit.

Guided tour prices
DKK 750.00 on weekdays (+ admittance).

DKK 900.00 on evenings, weekends or holidays (+ admittance).

There is an added charge of DKK 150.00 for foreign languages.

When a visit takes place outside normal hours, Monday-Friday, 8-17, there is an added charge of DKK 600.00 per hour and DDK 800.00 after 17, Saturday and Sunday. For further information please call +45 8681 6329.


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