About the Art Centre

The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad is an independent body that was founded in 1992 on the initiative of among others Silkeborg Kommune (the Municipality of Silkeborg), Den selvejende institution Silkeborg Teater, the then Turistforeningen for Silkeborg og Gjern (the tourist association for the municipalities of Silkeborg and Gjern) and the then Realkredit Danmark (mortgage credit company). The mentioned founders are all represented in the board of the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

The Art Centre has been established in some of the buildings that originally belonged to the hydropathic establishment Silkeborg Bad. The name “KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad” thus reflects both past and present.

Today the Art Centre has changing exhibitions all the year round of art from home and abroad, mainly by now living artists.

The professional staff of the Art Centre consists of 10 permanently employed who manage the daily running of the Art Centre, buildings and park area. In addition there are 85 unpaid helpers who assist with various tasks.