Right now a space for the dissemination of sculpture is being established at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

Here you can get lots of knowledge about sculpture.

The sculpture hall is divided into zones, focusing on different aspects of the sculpture:

The sculpture park around Silkeborg Bad is our example bank. Here are historical sculptures from when it was a health spa, and modern and contemporary sculpture by Danish and international artists. In the sculpture hall are gathered knowledge about the park's sculptures, their design, materials, time and style they belong to and the artists behind the sculptures.

In the library one can settle down and find books on sculpture; the sculpture story, about individual artists, about the sculpture parks around the world. Here will be internet access with references to films about sculpture and sculptors and other relevant links.

Sculpture as an art object has existed for several thousand years. We make a timeline that provides insight into sculpture development through the ages and the classical styles that the sculpture has developed through, up towards today’s almost indefinable sculpture concept.

There are sculpture parks many places around the world - large and small. We have started a registrant with the addresses of all these places that are worth seeking out if you tour around the world.

Craftsmanship is a large part of the premise for the artist's work with sculpture. We show how the sculptor works in stone and how the complex process behind bronze casting proceeds

The sculpture hall houses a workshop with the opportunity to try some simple ways to make a sculpture. Workshops will be arranged, and classes can work with sculpture both in theory and practice.

You can hear more about the individual exhibits in the Sculpture Space in our audio guide, which you can borrow at the reception.

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