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Knitted nature

SIDESHOW in Skovvilla 20 August - 30 December 2022

Netmaskerne are a group of artisans gathered in a community of interest around experimental knitting designs. This is the second time Netmaskerne exhibits under the auspices of KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad. The first time was in 2012 where they showed their 10 year anniversary exhibition "From Queen to Femme Fatale - knitting art from Netmaskerne through 10 years." Through the choice of challenging themes, they each create designs that together form exhibitions, and provide insight into the many possibilities for variation and interpretation that are found in knitwear and design. This time they have chosen nature as the theme - and that is obvious. Every day, nature has inspired patterns in human home textiles and clothes, we borrow with beaks and claws, are inspired and interpret. Nature has historically also concretely given colors to yarns and textiles, extracted from plants, soil, etc.

In "Knitted Nature", the audience sees the different designs and suits, mounted on giner. Each design is accompanied by a small text and perhaps a few photos about the creation process and the artist's own considerations in relation to theme and design.

More than 20 of the group's members contribute to the current exhibition, including several members from Norway. Represented at the exhibition are: Ritta Balleby, Anne Bendixen, Gitte Carstens, Mette Albæk Christensen, Eva Folke, Lis Fristed, Bodil Zahl Grytten, Elsebeth Houmand, Marianne Isager, Helene Jensen, Tove Møller Jensen, Lotte Kjær, Susanne Larsen, Dorte Ballisager Pedersen, Tove Pedersen, Annette Ross, Else Schjellerup, Rikke Amilde Seehuus, Margit Meier Svendsen, Geske Svensson, Hege Samuelsen Søberg and Vibeke Warthoe.

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