18 January – 15 May 2022

You sense the story in a completely different way, when the pictorial material from the time of the spa has been a trip through Sergei Sviatchenko's (b. 1952) very special ‘visual twisting machine’. The side show EMOTINAL RESCUE can be seen in Skovvilla (Forest Villa) - in dialogue with the exhibition about the history of the spa.
In the small accompanying leaflet, Iben From writes, among other things:

“The site and area is marked by a certain spirit after 100 years of people seeking it for mental or physical recovery. Treatments and behaviors seem rather old fashioned seen though our contemporary eyes. The collages open in different ways the attention to unconscious cracks in the surrounding environment and a sensibility to understand what cannot be said in words: contradictions, peculiarities, wonder.
It’s a kind of visual short-cut to history, but also to the idea of more existing between heaven and earth than what is normally thought. At tribute to the richness of nature and life.”      



Documentation exhibition for the art project Walking Landscapes in Silkeborg Municipality
1 April - 30 October 2022

In July 2021, a dozen artists added new perspectives on the relationship between man and nature through a series of ‘dogma walks’ in the landscapes around Silkeborg. The contributions ranged widely in expression due to artists' different forms of expression, including performance, poetry, visual art etc. Overall, one can see their walks as an alternative catalog of points of attention for the Silkeborg region landscapes and coexistence with the surroundings in general. Some themes that the 10 artists seemed to be particularly preoccupied with are 1) Landscapes as the key to identity and history; 2) Change of landscapes; 3) Human connection with landscape and nature.


Together, they also traveled geographically. One walked from Laven towards Silkeborg, another between villages just south of Kjellerup, a third and fourth where the motorway cuts through the border between town and countryside both east and west of Silkeborg. Several walked close to the city from the railway station to parts of the Silk Route, some at the water's edge and swampy terrains with traces of past fish farms. There was a hike in the southern part of the municipality from Tømmerup to the east over field boundaries and heath, where Tatars in ancient times lived. And the area where a new district will eventually grow - Eriksborg - had its own wanderer.

The relationship between man and nature - reflection
Silkeborg Municipality is currently developing the vision of being Denmark's Outdoor Capital. Therefore, it is relevant that the art project Walking Landscapes has visited the Silkeborg area, and as an "artistic think tank" has reflected on relationships between man, nature and cultural history. As a society, we have a common interest in developing a good relationship with nature, and Walking Landscapes has presented a number of artistic statements for reflection for the individual.

What was the framework for the art project?
All artists were selected through a large field of applicants. The dogma was fixed, so that each artist had to be and walk 12 hours in a row in a self-chosen area somewhere in Silkeborg Municipality's many landscapes.
From here, they had to stream live every hour to Metropolis' Facebook page for a few minutes. Thus, over the given walking day, a lived art experience was digitally created, which the audience could follow digitally.
All hikes took place in the period 11.-20. July 2021. One artist each day. The individual artist was typically alone out there in the terrain, and there were a few who met other people along the way, who therefore also became a kind of participants in the project.

Documentary exhibition

The documentary exhibition consists of condensed videos from nine of the artists' walks, a flip book with still images and collages from the walks as well as inspiration (tool-kit) for how the audience can walk in the landscape in new ways.

Artists were: Landscape architect Sofie Frydenrejn Johansen, art theorist and communicator Mathias Sæderup, visual artist Jacob Juhl, singer and performer Nanna Bech, dancer and performer Signe Errboe, visual artist Lotte Fløe Christensen, performance and visual artist Felis Dos, performer and choreographer Tora Balslev and visual artist Line Sandvad Mengers.


KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad is in Silkeborg municipality the local coordinating host for Metropolis Landscapes, a nationwide performative art project in the period 2021-2023.

There is free access to the Orangery with the documentation exhibition.
It can be seen in the period 9.4. - 30.10.2022 and the doors are open during the day.


Sound walk with "Trækfugl"

23 April - 29 May, 2022

Listen to beautiful music in beautiful surroundings.
Around the park at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad you can hear songs with the vocal trio Trækfugl. They have set up info stands with QR codes 6 places around the park. You simply scan the code with your mobile phone and you will get a song with Trækfugl in the phone. Download a map so you can go on a "music treasure hunt" in the park here: bit.ly/3y6Tq2D
Trækfugl (Migratory bird) consists of Karen Marie Troldborg, Johanne Baadsgaard Lange and Marianne Søgaard Hofmann. The trio conveys the Danish song treasure with inspiration from the Balkans, the Middle East, Southern Europe and the Nordic countries. Just as the migratory bird effortlessly crosses national borders, Trækfugl's vision is to rediscover and breathe new life into the song treasure by picking up new musical ideas under distant skies. They have recorded a debut album, which will be released on Friday 24/5 2022, so the sound walk in the park prepares for it.

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