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Way Out Of Me: Anders Moseholm

13 May - 18 September 2022

The headline WAY OUT OF ME refers to the liberating in self-forgetfulness - an experience one can experience through nature and art. Global challenges as well as stressful daily lives, make many seek nature to find peace and new energy.

At the same time, Anders Moseholm asks whether nature itself is meaningful to humans, or whether it acts as a diversion? Among other things, this duality has inspired the works he has created for the exhibition that fills the entire wing towards Ørnsø and the halls on the upper floor. He reflects, among other things:

“Is our interest in nature just as much a need to be distracted from human reality? Maybe we choose to ‘go for a walk in the woods’, in the same way that we can choose to watch a good movie on Netflix. I.e. an escapism where we seek something nice that does not remind us of the problems in our reality. Are we in nature challenged on an existential level, or do we walk around with our smartphone and take beautiful photos for the Facebook profile? ”

Most of the exhibition's works are paintings, inspired by walks and runs in Danish nature. Anders Moseholm investigates nature that is not really wild, e.g. in Danish holiday home areas. In the paintings he seeks to capture the moods, but also the alienation he feels; in scrub, ditch edges, wilderness, forest roads and clearings.

The paintings from the holiday cottage nature appear as blurred impressions of a reality that can at once make us think of locations in a film by Hitchcock and the concept of das Unheimliche: Disturbing, beautiful and perishable.

Anders Mosesholm's current project includes both of the brand new paintings in the exhibition and a brand new book. The around 60 pages of the book presents a special point of view on nature - seen from a visual art standpoint. In addition to depictions of the artist's works, it includes texts by professor of behavioral psychology Henrik Høgh-Olesen, art critic Lisbeth Bonde and a text by Anders Moseholm himself. Overall, the book confronts the reader with the fact that our enthusiasm for nature is ambiguous. If we really value nature so much, it should be easy to get people to make sensible choices in terms of avoiding a climate catastrophe. From an artistic perspective, our dilemma and the lack of consequence are highlighted: That it is us - the human animal - who is the loser if we do not relate more closely to nature.

WAY OUT OF ME - Anders Moseholm, can be experienced in the period 13 May - 18 September 2022.