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24 September - 18 December 2022

Travel Spoor is about the concrete works from the journeys and the journey as an artistic and mental track. Helle Baslund (b. 1955) and Jens Bohr (b. 1952) have lived at Gabet on Hindsholm for many years and they build with their lives and works on the tradition from Johannes Larsen and the other Funen painters with an interest in nature, the landscapes and the local anchorage. But also travel activities play - like several of the older Funen artists and countless other artists in general - a central role for the two contemporary artists and their motif worlds. This is what the exhibition is about.

The central focal point of this exhibition is Rome and Italy, as they have experienced it and processed it as traveling artists (fellows at the Danish Institute in Rome) in recent years. Each time also with stays and travel to other more rural places in Italy. The exhibition also includes works created on and after travels to northern Norway, Ireland and China, among others.

The exhibition shows a wide range of artists' forms of expression. For Helle Baslund it is oil paintings, watercolors and tapestries, and for Jens Bohr it is lithographs and woodcuts in both small and large formats. We also get a look into their small private collections of finds from nature and model ships, and also a short dissemination video will be included in the exhibition.

The exhibition TRAVEL SPOOR۰BASLUND۰BOHR is accompanied by an exciting and richly illustrated catalog, where the two artists also maintain impressions from their travels in quite picturesque and poetic texts. The catalog can be experienced as an independent small work of art.

TRAVEL SPOOR۰BASLUND۰BOHR can be experienced at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad in the period 24 September - 18 December 2022. It has been created in close collaboration with the artists and the Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde, where it will be shown early in the year in 2022.