Weavings of Atelje 61

21 April - 24 May 2021

Atelje 61 is a weaving workshop and museum for image weaving in Novi Sad, Serbia.
For 60 years now, the workshop's professional weavers have realized motifs, made by both Yugoslav, later Serbian, and a broad international section of artists. The workshop houses a large museum collection of these tapestries, which draw a historical sectional view of modern tapestry.
Curator of the exhibition is weaver and art historian Ulrikka Mokdad, who has a thorough knowledge of the workshop, its history and activities.

As early as 1964, a selection of tapestries from Atelje 61 were on tour in the Nordic capitals. They were exhibited at the Museum of Industrial Art in Copenhagen together with ceramic works. Since then, the workshop has survived tumultuous political circumstances, but in recent years has once again been able to look beyond the national border and enter into international collaborations. In 2021, the workshop will celebrate its 60th anniversary, while the hometown of Novi Sad is the European Capital of Culture.

The workshop lends 35 weaves, ranging from the earliest to the last woven. They are all made of Atelje 61's colossal tapestry looms. The selection of works reflects a development process from the founding of the workshop in 1961 until today, and thus also points out how the countries of the former Yugoslavia have undergone major changes during the period.

In recent years, a fruitful collaboration has also emerged between the workshop's employees and a group of Danish visual artists who have been guest artists in Serbia, so that these, together with ARTAPESTRY6, during the period fill the KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad with tapestries.