Walking Landscapes


During the next three years, citizens in the Silkeborg area and 11 other very different landscapes across the country will have great art and nature experiences with 4.1 million. DKK in support from the Nordea Fund. Metropolis, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad and a total of 60 partners in 12 municipalities collaborate on METROPOLIS LANDSKAB - an artistic journey to Denmark that focuses on the relationship between people and nature at a time when there is a need to think new and create balance.

Metropolis Landskab comes to Silkeborg Municipality with Walking Landscapes 11 July - 20 July 2021.

Access the program for walks in Silkeborg here: https://www.metropolis.dk/category/walking-landscapes/walking-landscapes-silkeborg/

The selected artists, who each walk one day of 12 hours in the Silkeborg area in the period 11.-20. July is, in order: Landscape architect Sofie Frydenrejn Johansen, art theorist and communicator Mathias Sæderup, visual artist Jacob Juhl, singer and performer Nanna Bech, dancer and performer Signe Errboe, visual artist Lotte Fløe Christensen, performance and visual artist Felis Dos, performer and choreographer Tora Balsita Malna artist Line Sandvad Mengers.

Some artists have a personal prior relationship to landscapes in the area, others come with new eyes. The detailed program with hiking routes and possibly. opportunity to meet some of the artists is published here approx. two weeks before the hikes begin. All walks can be followed remotely via the live streams that the artists make every hour - a link to this will also appear here on the page.


Metropolis Landscape is a nationwide cultural project that brings art and nature together on a large scale to create valuable experiences and new insights into the landscapes that surround us. For three years, the landscapes will be interpreted and communicated by several hundred artists from performance, visual arts, music, architecture, activism, dance, film art, literature… Art will show new paths into nature, just as nature will show new paths into art.

Silkeborg municipality is located in a landscape butter hole and in recent years is unfolding the vision of being Denmark's Outdoor Capital. This is not only about a sporting outdoor life ambition, but also about a health one where the relationship to the green nature is central to all citizens. Therefore, it is also interesting that the art project Walking Landscapes is currently visiting Silkeborg, and as a kind of artistic think tank reflects on the relationship between man, nature and cultural history. The 10 artists will walk in different places in Silkeborg Municipality, both on defined tourist paths as the brand new Silkerute and Trækstien as well as on more personal tracks in the landscape. The 10 artists as a group embrace both comments on the staging of outdoor life, cultural-historical observations, the sense of detail in nature, life in itself and personal relationships to landscapes - or what many simply under one call 'nature'.

Director Iben From from KunstCentret Silkeborg says:

“For KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, it is natural to get involved in a project that has the human / nature relationship in focus, as it is also central to our other program of exhibitions and activities. In relation to Walking Landscapes, many back up locally, i.a. The Silkeborg Guides, the Silkeborg Libraries and Outdoor.Institute, as we are many who have a common interest in helping to develop a good relationship between citizens and the nature we have on loan. ”

Interaction between people and nature
The interaction between humans and nature is extremely relevant in our time - an ecologically fragile time where there is a need to rethink our way of being in and with nature.

Head of Metropolis - Copenhagen International Theater, Trevor Davies, says:
“Art is an experimental space where creativity develops new ways of thinking and new solutions. That is why we have invited municipalities and art and nature institutions to collaborate on an art project that develops new ways of relating to and working with nature and landscapes. Art has always been related to nature and landscapes, but Metropolis Landscape examines how contemporary artists relate to the landscape in a context of climate change, the degradation of nature and a changing awareness of our own role. ”

Sensual art close to the citizens
Metropolis Landscape moves art out of its usual domains and challenges artists to leave the theater hall and museum to create site-specific interactions with the landscape. Art meets the citizens out in the open, where the senses and the body are brought into play, and where they discover new paths into both art and nature.

“More and more people have opened their eyes to nature and its many opportunities to move, have a mental free space and form a framework for active communities. With Metropolis Landscape, there are now new perspectives and even more opportunities for experiences in nature. We look forward to seeing how local communities around the engaging, sensual and artistic nature experiences will unfold in the 12 landscapes, ”says Christine Paludan-Müller, Head of Distribution at the Nordea Foundation.

A Denmark journey through art - live or live steam
The project takes place over three years as a trilogy, where each stage builds on the previous ones. Everything can be experienced live or live-streamed from all over the country and inspire to discover new places.

Walking Landscapes 2021: In 140 days from 11 June to 28 October, 140 artists will make 140 artistic walks of 12 hours through vastly different landscapes in the 12 municipalities. 10 days and 10 hikes in each municipality starting on Bornholm.

Talking Landscapes 2022: Talking Landscapes focuses on other ways of talking to each other and engages citizens in staged conversations about our nature, surroundings and landscapes through art.

Performing Landscapes 2023: Each landscape will have its own artistic interpretation and staging of the potentials and distinctiveness that have emerged through previous years' walks and 'conversations'.