Everything has a downside

Bjørn Kromann-Andersen - retrospective exhibition
4 September - 12 December 2021

Sculptor and visual artist Bjørn Kromann-Andersen (b. 1954) has throughout his oeuvre so far created a large number of works that in one way or another have had man's relationship to nature as a common focal point. He has had a free relationship with sculptural means of expression, so his works are often carried by materials adapted to the context in which they are created. Some of the artist's works have been site-specific and temporary.

The retrospective exhibition is arranged in close collaboration with the artist, and consists of both concrete works and documentation for temporary projects. A book summarizes the artist's work. Mag.art. Dorte Kirkeby Andersen is the curator of the exhibition.

Bjørn Kromann-Andersen can be experienced at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in the period 4 September - 12 December 2021.