Drawing Atelier

1 October – 19 December 2021

In this studio project, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad focuses on the art of drawing. We do this by exclusively inviting artists who work with drawing as central to their expression. All artists are professional, and have on the basis of our Open Call as part of their application defined a focus or project that they will primarily work with during their stay in Silkeborg.

The process is essential, and perhaps some of the artists spend their weeks preparing for a major project or work of art. Some may involve the audience, others the surroundings outside the building. Perhaps the focus is on developing new techniques, and certainly more of them will take advantage of the opportunity to work on physically larger scales than usual.

Furthermore, these are relatively young artists. The artists like to talk to the audience along the way. This allows the audience to follow the artistic processes quite closely, and for example have a talk about techniques or the path from an idea to a work. Or simply ask what you see. You can also follow the process of assembly, both the discussions beforehand and work closely with the art centre's exhibition technician Arne Bjerre and others to find the good solutions, and from the sidelines experience how an exhibition is gradually formed.

There will be three live studio periods, where a total of 6 visual artists work in full public every day during the art center's opening hours:
October 1 - October 14: Iris Bakker and Christian Bergholt Dupont
October 15 - October 27: Ditte Rose and Karina Mosegaard
October 28 - November 10: Ann Sophie Stærk and Malte Klagenberg

Since the inception of the art academies, being able to draw has been perceived as a crucial foundation for being able to create art. And the drawing skills the students have for centuries therefore trained and trained in their early years of study, both by imitating past times art (especially antiquity) and by drawing plants, animals and people. Being able to draw and drawing sketches was seen as a prerequisite for being able to create the actual works of art in painting or something sculptural. In contemporary art, however, drawing as a work of art in itself, like graphics, has become more and more valued. And many work with it, just as drawing is also part of many of art's mixed forms.
Drawing Atelier takes place in the halls around the large panoramic window towards Ørnsø. The artists have been selected following an Open Call based on their applications. This is the first time that The Art Centre works with this form of art communication and we are excited about how our guests receive it. One thing we can say for sure: The shape gives the audience a good opportunity to look completely into the engine room while artists work.

Drawing Atelier can be experienced in the panoramic hall area at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in the period 1.10 - 19.12.2021.