COAST - Gjerrild Beach - Porto Covo

29 May - 29 August 2021

In "COAST - Gjerrild Beach - Porto Covo" artists and others attack. the subject from each their point of view. The subject is interpreted broadly, with reference to colors, fauna, geology, climate, sea, humans and animals, and on to the thoughts that just standing on the shore triggers. The exhibition's forms of expression are painting, sculpture, drawing, prose, poetry, informative text, sound images, photography and film.

Visual artist Erik Gamdrup Jensen is Danish and has lived in Denmark and Portugal since 1984. He usually works with painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry and prose. The rocky coast at Porto Covo has inspired him to create about 100 sculptures, primarily executed in Portuguese stone oak. The painter Irene Grundel is Dutch, living in Denmark and Switzerland respectively. For a number of years now, Gjerrild Strand has provided inspiration for her paintings.

Historian Asmus Gamdrup Petersen Jensen's books have triggered several awards, and from DR TV he is known as the host of the series Africa's New Kitchen. Louise McLaughlin is a young Danish film photographer who already has several well-known films, music videos and TV series behind her.

The coast has always attracted people and the exhibition gives at least four bids on what is with the coast in general, and whether it makes a difference, whether it is a coast in Denmark or Portugal?

COAST - Gjerrild Beach - Porto Covo can be experienced at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad in the period 29 May - 29 August 2021