21 April - 24 May 2021


Atelje 61 is a weaving workshop and museum for image weaving in Novi Sad, Serbia.
For 60 years now, the workshop's professional weavers have realized motifs, made by both Yugoslav, later Serbian, and a broad international section of artists. The workshop houses a large museum collection of these tapestries, which draw a historical sectional view of modern tapestry.
Curator of the exhibition is weaver and art historian Ulrikka Mokdad, who has a thorough knowledge of the workshop, its history and activities. Read more

21 April - 30 May 2021


It has been three years since we were last able to present the abundance of expression in woven tapestries that make up ARTAPESTRY. 40 weavers from all over Europe are participating in the triennial this time, giving us an impression of the currents that weaving art is currently preoccupied with. For the sixth time, a jury under the European Tapestry Forum has selected the most beautiful, skilfully executed and most creative tapestries from more than 100 submitters. The first prize this time went to Livia Papai from Hungary for the weaving "Way to light". In addition to the European weavers, two guest exhibitors from the USA have been invited: Helena Hernmarck and Nancy Koenigsberg, two prominent artists who give an impression of what is happening on the weaving scene outside Europe. Read more