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30 May - 23 August 2020

This solo exhibition Waterbody by performance- and visual artist Nana Francisca Schottländer examines exchanges between man and other-than-human, embodied in bodily encounters with Silkeborg's landscapes and the beings and phenomena that inhabit them. Prior to the exhibition is a longer course of investigation, in which the artist has used his own body as a tool for very concrete bodily and personal encounters with landscapes of forest and water and the creatures and phenomena that inhabit them in Silkeborg. These studies have taken place over several seasons in collaboration with the two photographers Alexandra Buhl and Frida Gregersen. The works revolve around intimacy across species and ways of being - bordering on the erotic. Photo, video and sculptural objects are collected in a spatial installation, which also specifically engages the visitors. Alongside the exhibition there is a program of talks, performances and rituals.

Solo exhibition Waterbody is the third manifestation of this serial investigations with the main title LANDSCAPE – BODYSCAPE – RELATIONSCAPE. The two earlier ones were:
The solo exhibition Landformations was an artistic response to the landscapes in Thy. The project explored the creation in the meeting and the exchange with what surrounds us - to shape and to be shaped ourselves. The naked skin of the body becomes a membrane where worlds and creatures meet, and the design starts in the midst of the basic substances the water, the wind and the earth. SMK Thy, 13.4.-20.10.2019.

In the project Inseparable Together, three artists investigated whether it is possible to create art in a balanced encounter between man / nature. Through four seasons by Vadehavet (the Wadden Sea) they created works in the form of video, photo, sound and music. Exhibitions and concerts at: Slotsfeltladen in Møgeltønder 14.-28.7.2018, Vadehavscentret (The Wadden Sea Center) 5.-27.10.2018, Wadden Tide sculpture festival in Blåvandshuk 31.8.-29.9.2019 and Sønderho assembly house on Fanø 12.10.2010. The artists were composer Ellen Birgitte Rasmussen, photographer Alexandra Buhl and performance and visual artist Nana Francisca Schottländer. The title derives from Walt Whitman's poem Cosmos - about being an inseparable part of the infinite universe.

Performance and visual artist Nana Francisca Schottländer (b. 1977, DK) works with emerging hybrids in the intersection between dance, performance, installation- and conceptual art. She works alone as well as in interdisciplinary constellations.  Central to her work is the use of her own body as a living tool for investigation and creation.  Read more www.nanafrancisca.com