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The day lasts forever

30 May - 30 August 2020

Time is at the center of the exhibition. The artist group DeV + shows a number of works in which they investigate what time means to us. It is time as absolute and linear, time as relative, time as timeless. We understand the linear measurement; an hour has so and so many minutes, a day so and so many hours, etc. But the time experienced is often circular or cyclically recurring, such as the seasons.

These are new works that have not been shown to the public before. The works are presented in the space as a single installation of photography, video, painting, drawings, objects and more. from the various artists. In doing so, the works of the different artists interact and create a kind of field of tension, where the different expressions, as in a kaleidoscope, revolve around the same theme.

At the exhibition The Day lasts forever, the time-themes are processed from different angles and through different artistic expressions. In the individual works there is an embedded consumption of time, the time that has gone by and in the creation of the works, and which has left its mark in these works. Each artist pryes through the works, his contributions to the overall narrative free.

An important part of their narrative relates to the connection between the past, present and future. The group also focuses on slowness, as they want to challenge how we perceive time. In addition, the group's artists create a common work that creates room for slowness and thereby the viewer's reflections: An installation that changes over time. This one appears in an outdoor courtyard.

The artist group DeV+ consists of Sofie Hertz (b. 1982, DK), Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen (b. 1963, DK), Kristina Kvalvik (b. 1980, N), Kirsten Schauser (b. 1964, DK), Michala Norup (b. 1969, DK) and Kristine Djurhuus (b. 1972, DK). They formed as a group in 2015 following an exhibition based on Vilhelm Hammershoi's universe. Since then, DeV + has shown, among other things, the joint exhibitions On a Forward Remembrance (Galerie Pi, Kbh., October 2018) and Between a Thousand Times (Gammelgård Art and Culture Center, Herlev, March 2019).