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Counter-punctual accounts.
11 January - 10 May 2020

The exhibition is a graphic installation whose overall focus is time: The time that goes and the time that stands still. Four mature Danish visual artists are in close collaboration behind the exhibition, which includes various stories about the time and a visual examination of this.

In a time when much is moving at an incredible speed, one can be lucky to find breathing holes, a parallel world where time does not seem to exist. In the midst of a sense perception, a presence, time can dissolve and become infinite. Perhaps a welcome response to a hectic life.

Common to the artists is a great love for the many expressions of the graphics, and thus there is also some kind of specialization on the subject. While they all work with the classic graphic methods, they also challenge the boundaries and expressions of the graphics. At the exhibition, the audience will therefore meet traditional graphic works and works that are graphic in their expressions, but for example appear in a three-dimensional context. Or classic graphics that are placed in a spatial context, perhaps in dialogue with an installation. The exhibition MOMENT thus invites the audience into a totality of graphics in the broadest meaning of the concept.

The four artists present only newly created works that have not been shown before. From the start of the project, they have jointly thought the exhibition into the specific spatial framework in the upper floor of the Art Center Silkeborg Bad - West Wing, from where one can also look out to the nature around the place.

Although this is a large joint exhibition construction, the four visual artists Tina Gjerulff (b. 1965), Joe Ingvartsen (b. 1963), Lis Rejnert Jensen (b. 1959) and Steen Rasmussen (b. 1954), will be experienced as different voices and contributions in the overall installation. Hereby something contradictory arises - and, with reference to the music, something counter-punctual - in the overall narrative about the weird size: time.

The artists have previously all four worked and exhibited together (most recently Room to Share, Kolding 2016) and in smaller constellations: Joe Ingvartsen and Lis Rejnert Jensen in the artist duo INGVARTSEN / REJNERT. Tina Gjerulff and Steen Rasmussen as HOTEL VANITAS.

The exhibition MOMENT. Counter-punctual accounts is shown in the period 11 January - 10 May 2020 at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.