Forest Documents

5 September - 11 December 2020

The exhibition FOREST DOCUMENTS is a dialogue between radically different ways of understanding and being in the forest.

Where the modern view of nature is based on the notion of one nature and many cultural representations thereof, the works of the exhibition explore the existence of different parallel forests or worlds.

In a time when art is largely focused on and rethinking human relationships with nature, the works of FOREST DOCUMENTS move away from a view of nature where nature seems to be governed by laws, must be explained, classified and subjugated to human will.

At the same time, the more apocalyptic reflections on man's indelible imprint on the state of the globe, which is present in many places in art, are questioned. The works explore the forest's inherent potential for change and its ability to awaken changing emotions. The exhibition opens a window to parallel realities and invites the viewer to create their own accumulations of forests.

Nature outside the Arts Center will be involved in several works and in the dialogue between works and viewers.