Tryksammensurium (Print Hotchpotch)

7 April - 19 August 2018

Tryk | Sammensurium (Print | Hotchpotch)
- from where we stand
- from where we go

Through a special work process where internal criticism and dialogue are high, the six artists create joint works. That way they add something new to what they each can.

The focus is on graphic works, and especially the woodcut is the focal point for the joint work. You can travel with this and experiment with it around the art shops in the Nordic region, where you also can stay for a couple of weeks. In recent years, the group has had a number of joint work stays at workshops such as Hollufgaard at Odense, at Kirsten Kjær's Museum in Thy and at KKV's workshops in Bohuslen, Sweden.

In the exhibition's dissertation book Jeanie Jensen writes about their group:

"It's a unique working community. It is probably where we essentially differentiate ourselves from other groups. We are 6 completely different artists, who one, two or three times a year meet for one to three weeks to do something with each other; Maybe we work side by side or work together or both. We sleep, eat, go to town and go for walks, go to exhibitions, talk to each other and not least explore the art. It's very intense while it's on. Driving power are the amazing moments that are formed when we are together. When we experience how we become one organism of individuals who contributes with something from each of us. That's why we are. "

The ongoing work process in the group is also a cultural meeting between Danish and Norwegian artists, who after many years of approaches have formed the MIMWAJ group after the letters in their first names.

MIMWAJ consists of: Marit Tingnæs (born 1938, N), Inghild Sleire (born 1952, N), Merete Hol Tefre (born 1953, N), Wencke Weifring (born 1962, N), Annette Holdensen (b. 1934, DK) and Jeanie Jensen (born 1962, DK).

The exhibition Tryk | Sammensurium can be experienced at the Art Center Silkeborg Bad 7 April – 19 August 2018.