6 January - 15 April 2018

With MELLEM RUM (“at intervals”), eleven artists examine what is in between. Their expressions are connected with physical matter such as painting, ceramics, colors, lines and space building. To go the way of the detail or the reverse strategy: to concentrate on the architectural, large-scale - it is the choice of each artist.

Some point to the great through the smallest. Other focuses on the meeting between two colors, a pair of lines or specific shapes. Perhaps there pointed at something otherwise unheeded, a new dimension, a new interpretation of the world.

While time has its forever progressive movement, we stand as observers for a moment silent at the physical works of art, frame of mind and considering. Thus, works and themes add to the deepening and intensification of the senses.

Art historian Iben From writes in the little artist's book, which constitutes the exhibition catalog: "... that is unifying and unites this particular exhibition, the group's joint endeavor, both in their own and in their joint work, also to describe, embrace and reach some of the cracks - what's in between. Concretely and in more metaphysical sense [...] it is with the senses open to the unseen spaces that the possibilities and the depths of the world can be found. "

The exhibition's spatial joint grasp, the common thing - or, if you want - the 12th work, which the artists call it, is also interesting. Rooms are read (also) with the body, and through the twisted course of even scaled architectural cubic shapes, carefully illuminated or deprived of light, the exhibition guest is physically and mentally influenced.

The newly established group Faktor13 defined in 2014. The group's website:
The members of Faktor13 are professional artists and craftsmen at Silkeborg. The current exhibition MELLEM RUM is their first major joint manifestation. From the group, the following contributes:
Visual artist Klaus Becker
Draws and paints Preben Frederiksen
Visual artist Steen A. Hovmand
Sculptor Lisbeth Poulsen
Draughtsman and visual artist Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers
Visual artist and graphic designer Jette Bækgaard
Draughtsman and painter Rigmor Behind Frederiksen
Ceramics and sculptor Marianne Fossgreen
Visual artist and graphic designer Mette Mailund Strong
Painter Inge Lis Jørgensen
Ceramics and visual artist Karin Grünberger.

Meet some artists when giving public tours:
Saturday, January 20th. 2018, at. 13: Rigmor Behind Frederiksen and Karin Grünberger.
Saturday, February 10th. 2018, at. 13: Inge Lis Jørgensen and visual artist and Mette Mailund Strong.
Saturday 17 March 2018, at. 13: Rigmor Behind Frederiksen and Mette Mailund Strong.

You can see MELLEM RUM at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad January 6 - April 15, 2018