Minimum Monument

18. August 2017

Intervention on public space

The project Minimum Monument is created by the artist Nele Azevedo (BRAS), and has previously visited Sao Paolo, Lima, Paris and British Kendal Castle. Minimun Monument represents a form of collective activism and simultaneously deconstructs the whole idea of the monument, since such a thing traditionally is created "for eternity" in solid and resistant materials. 

In connection with the River Art 2017 Art Centre Silkeborg Bad has invited Minimum Monument to Silkeborg. Here it is part of the River Art’s contribution to make Silkeborg Ildfestregatta into a full moon event in connection with the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

Several thousand tiny ice figures is being cast over a few weeks on site in cooperation with a team of volunteers who are selected for the job. At a certain point, all the ice figures will be placed somewhere in public spaces. In Silkeborg it will be around Stryget (the fauna passage), right in the central city, right on the banks of the river Gudenå’s flowing water.

Ice melts quickly again and the whole project reminds us of life's movement and volatility, as well as acts as an artistic statement about the current meltdown of the huge polar ice caps. At the same time the minimalistic expression in Minimum Monument, despite the volatility and the fragile material, is so visually powerful that very few avoid being captivated by the aesthetic communication of the work of art.

Be aware that the intervention only lasts a few hours. It will take place Friday, August 18 at. 16:30 at Stryget (the fauna passage) in the middle of Silkeborg city. Everyone is welcome.

The preparations for and the intervention itself the site will be documented with photographs at Café Ørnsø at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in the period August 8 to October 8 2017.

An unforgettable experience / become a volunteer: Are you interested ace in participating in Nele Azevedo project in Silkeborg in week 32 + 33, and you have got the time, please contact Art Centre Silkeborg Bad and tell a little about your motivation by mail: