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"Nobody can step into the same river twice" - 99 clay vessels to Heraklit

Ceramic artist Lise Seier Petersen has created a ceramic installation on the basis of the Greek philosopher Heraklits thesis that everything is changing. The 99 clay vessels are located at the Art Center Silkeborg Bad between the exhibition building and lake Ørnsø.

See photo documentation here

Everything is change
The 99 thrown tubs are each mixed with blue clay, red clay, chamotte and paper in various proportions. Most of the clay comes from Sorring, the pottery town, located approximately 15 km east of Silkeborg. The clay vessels have different sizes. The largest vessel has a diameter of between 50 and 85 cm.
Some vessels are unburned, the rest is burned at different temperatures from 300 to 1200 degrees. It provides a color scheme from light gray / pink to yellow, terra cotta, green and dark reddish brown. Because of the burning temperature, most vessels are water soluble. This means that they are vulnerable to weather, water and wind, and eventually they will dissolve, but at different pace. The audience can follow the gradual breakdown of the 99 clay vessels in the sculpture park.

Reflection of the predisposition
Lise Seier Petersen uses the ceramic craft as an exponent of the aesthetic of decay and focuses on the dissolution process. The 99 clay vessels are thought of as a tribute to the ceramic craftsmanship.
The clay vessel is a centuries-old traditional object that has been used for daily use and for the ceremonies of the cult. In this work, the vessel becomes an exponent of basic conditions such as negligence and static to the dynamic.
The material and workmanship is put in a context that opens up for reflection on change and resolution. A clay vessel is usually a concrete, useful thing, but in this work the audience will experience how it gradually breaks down.

Help to document
Lise Seier Petersen encourages the audience to photograph the work's development and put them on the facebook page: Photos can also be sent in an email to:
Photographer Kirstine Autzen has documented the creation at the National Workshops. The material is published in the book "No one can step into the same river twice". It can be purchased at the Art Center's shop.
The project is supported by Danmarks Nationalbank anniversary fund, Grosser L. F. Fogh's Fund and Esther and Jep Finks Memorial Fund. The work was performed at the National Workshops for Art in 2014.