Theatre in Movement
 – People and Puppets on Stage

September 21, 2013 - January 5, 2014

… About people, puppets, stories, theatre, traveling, seas, clouds and eyes that see.

An exhibition by the Forman Brothers

Forman Brothers Theatre from Prague are creating a large sensibility exhibition at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Denmark, in Autumn 2013. This is organized in cooperation with the international puppet theatre festival Festival of Wonder in Silkeborg, Denmark. Matěj Forman and his colleagues invite audiences to join a journey backstage in the world of theatre.

The artists are showing how they work with imagination and narrative in theatre. Selected special elements from theatre scenography are built into the exhibition, which will meet the audiences with different interactive dimensions and invitations.

At the same time audience will be introduced to the everlasting moment of change being an important crank when a theatre is on the move and are being developed in a dialogue with places and people wherever they are. In addition to Matěj Forman, among others the artists Pavel Macek, Stáňa Stuchlá, Josef Sodomka, Irena Vodáková and Bärbel Haage are contributing to the exhibition.

For all

This exhibition adds for the first time international aspects to the tradition at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad to house a sensibility exhibition. The exhibition will be of interest to a broad audience of children, adults, professionals, etc.

It forms a unique possibility to get an impression of a world normally only unfolding on stage and backstage. The exhibition forms a meeting between the performing arts normally restricted to specific scenes and duration and the world of visual arts in exhibitions.

For a Danish audience this is also a rare and unique occasion to meet the Theatre Forman Brothers and the praxis which they have developed in an international milieu. The exhibition consist of elements which the artists use in the travelling theatre, of settings, parts from scenography, which installed is to be experienced as interactive visual art. 

A special mood

Matěj Forman and his colleagues are creating a mood of fairy-tale where audiences can start their journey, experience and explore. In several places they will find interactive element to interact with. With the following words Matěj Forman invite audience to join:

“Have you ever felt the smell of faraway places, exotic spices and hearty homemade soup? Have you ever tried to enter behind the scenes of the cheap cabaret or Freak shows? Would you like to hear the cries (scream) of seagulls on board of the boat "Secret", roar of tortured circus animals or silent cry over a broken chair of "Big Head Czech"? Or would you prefer walking dark and deep forest, where you can meet "Rusalka", timid doe or "The Beast"?

Have you ever slept in a wooden bee hive which remembers the stories. And would you like to hear the grass grow? Are you taken by stories of adventure, full of courage and miracles that you can make with your own hands? Have you sailed on the ship sea full of sharks, monkfishes, pelican eels and all kind of sea water creatures? Do you believe in the power of love?

Have you ever experienced true friendship, the existential exaltation of music or unbearable lightness of being? Have you already learned what is: hybohled, viziomouvment or inspektákl? And have you ever passed through a cabinet of curiosities? Do you enjoy to be scared, to play, to laugh, to wonder or to learn for sure un-useful things?

In that case, do not miss this unique chance to visit nomadic exhibition of Forman Brothers Theatre and their friends, who just (as it happens) passes. Come experience the story of a theatre company on wheels, a story about people who live and work along the way, and nowhere are completely at home. Come to hear, to look, smell and touch . . . soon again we raise anchor and sail away.”

Elements from plays

In the exhibition audiences will meet elements from plays and music; ”La Baraque – Bouda”, ”Obludarium”, ”Kráskazvire” (Beauty and the beast), ”A Walk Worthwhile”, ”Čarokraj” (fairy-tale song), ”Rusalka”, ”Hange back of Notre Dame”, ”Wedding Shirt”, ”Sedlák,  Čert a Bába” (puppet theatre), ”The Boat”, ”Purple Sails”, get an impression of the life of journey with caravans and see elements from freak shows and & the classic circus- and market place life, in which the Forman Brothers Theatre has been involved, very often in collaboration with others.


Atelier and special opening hours for children
The exhibition will be open to everyone during normal opening hours during the whole exhibition period. There will be a children’s atelier in relation to this sensibility exhibition. At our website information about how to book children group visits, hosts and specific opening hours for booked groups of children can be found. 

Festival of Wonder
The puppet theatre festival takes place during the dates November 7th-10th, 2013 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Also this year the festival presents many plays form international theaters as well as Danish. The program will be released later this year. Please check to be up-dated. In relation to the festival several workshops will be offered, among these som worhsop with Matěj Forman in the exhibition. Ticket reservation on 

Danish Visual Art Council supports the exhibition Theatre in Movement - People and Puppets on Stage. The Region Midtjylland supports workshops for professionals. The Bros. Forman earlier showed a similar interactive exhibition in Západočeské Museum in Plzen, Czech Republic, organized in collaboration with Theatre Alfa Pilsen.

The exhibition “Theatre in Movement – People and Puppets on Stage” is on show at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad for the period September 21, 2013 – January 5, 2014.