New and Tradition

24 August - 1 December 2013

Sculptures from Lithuania

Surprising, thoughtful, imaginative sculptures from Lithuania come to Silkeborg in the exhibition NEW AND TRADITION. Nine contemporary Lithuanian artists display sculptures together with selected masks of the modernist artist Antanas Moncys.

The exhibition focuses on the tension between tradition and the present, and between generations in modern Lithuanian sculpture.


Three generations of artists are represented in the exhibition. The tradition is reflected in the artists' use of materials, while the expression itself and the subject line of the younger generation are internationally oriented.

NEW AND TRADITION includes works of ten sculptors from Lithuania, represented by a total of 26 works created within the last decade. The late artist Antanas Mončys (1921-1993) stands as a modernist figure in Lithuanian sculpture to whom the future generations of artists relate to, however without copying. In 2006 he was presented at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad with large wooden sculptures on loan from Antanas Mončys Museum in Palanga. This time he will be represented in the exhibition with selected masks from the museum.

The other artists in the exhibition are the young generation of Lithuanian artists. However, one of the artists, Petras Mazuras (b. 1949), belong to the mature generation, and he teaches at the Art Academy in Vilnius. Most of the exhibition's eight other artists have studied with him at the academy. Several of them have also spent part of their study in the academies abroad. The other artists are Mindaugas Tendziagolskis (b. 1977), Marius Zavadskis (b. 1979), Marius Skudzinskas (b. 1977), Andrius Petkus (b. 1976), Algis Kasparavičius (b. 1975), Rimantas Milkintas (b. 1977 ), Andrius Erminas (b. 1971) and Nerijus Erminas (b. 1976).

Pure and unique

Lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University in Vilnius, Remigijus Venckus, writes the catalog text for the exhibition. Here he sets the practice of the represented artists into a theoretical framework. He writes:

„Sculpture as an aesthetic adventure, the use of sculpture as an ironic entertainment, the relevance to things – all this modifies the space in which the sculpture is erected, encouraging the re-thinking of it. A sculpture may be treated as an unexpectedly opened cutting of the present that shows something pure and unique in relation to it, like a fossil does. To open the pure form means to seek for a perfect artistic language.“

The catalog is published a few weeks after the opening of the exhibition because of photography of the installed works. It is possible to sign up for a copy.


The Lithuanian artist Rimantas Milkintas is curator of the exhibition and he is represented in the exhibition. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Antanas Mončys Museum in Palanga by curator Loreta Turauskaite, Lithuania, and Art Centre Silkeborg Bad by director Iben From.

The exhibition NEW AND TRADITION can be seen at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad from 24 August - 1 December 2013. A few sculptures are exhibited in the sculpture park.