Graphic Metamorphosis

Steen Rasmussen

August 24 – December 8, 2013


Visual artist Steen Rasmussen will be 60 in 2014. In many years he has been working with the expressions of graphics. The exhibition presents brand new works as well as selected examples of his previous work with graphics. The exhibition provides an understanding of graphics as a way of thinking, both in two and three dimensions.


At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts 1982-87 Steen Rasmussen was teached by John Olsen and Poul Skov Sørensen. Since the time at the academy, he has been working with graphics of the more classic type, printed on paper. His two-dimensional works range from the small and compressed format, to the slightly larger sheets. He has worked with gravure printing as well as planographic printing. The expression is often condensed, layer by layer, and held in a few dark shades, if necessary added a single clear colour.


Steen Rasmussen has developed his work with the expressions of graphics and today a part of his works are emerging as spatial installations. For example, he created a pictorial, spatial dimension to the text “Sommer i oktober” by Amalie Smidt at the exhibition ORD RUM in Viborg in 2012. The work "Dialogue Table" - which appears in the current exhibition – is created in collaboration with Japanese artist colleague Rikou Ueda. It is a spatial, black and very graphic sculpture, where Steen Rasmussen examines death and creates a kind of space for meditation with room for the reflection of the viewer.


In two of the works in the exhibition Steen Rasmusen refines slicing and projection as graphic instruments and artistic effects. The soundtrack is created by the musician Esben Møller Hansen. These two completely newly created works is based on the history of the exhibition site as a former health resort, whereto the bourgeoisie sought with their lifestyle diseases. This gives the works a site-specific dimension. Through various artistic effects such as mirroring and sound, the artist includes the guests in the works and confronts the viewer with a staged reality. In this way the spatial installations gets an interactive dimension.

Graphic Metamorphosis is on show at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad from 24 August - 8 December 2013.