January 12 - April 1 2013

Handling Clay

Separate exhibition with ceramist Lone-Lotte Janns. Her works are in form as well as decoration stringent and among other inspiration sources hold South American traits. Some pieces form small installations.

January 12 - April 1 2013

To be Human

New posters by 170 artists from 47 countries around the world give their ideas how to render human exsistence in a graphic form. Arranged by The Danish Poster Museum and part of Aarhus International Poster Show.

January 19 - June 23 2013

Land out

The Danish art Group KONTEKST: Ralf Mabillon, Marianne Thingholm, Bjørn Kromann-Andersen, Ole Lindqvist and Ina Olsen and guest exhibitors Morten Barker and Karen Gabel Madsen circle around the relation between seeing and ideas of landscape.

January 5 - August 18 2013

Sauntering Danish graphic art through 200 years

Selected works from the Study Collections of Thomas and Poul Pedersen. 

April 6 - June 23 2013

We would be delighted to see
Artists Rigmor Bak Frederiksen and Anne Mette Larsen from Silkeborg invite artists Anne Thorseth, Dick Nyhuus, Anders Bonnesen, Bente Skjøttgaard, Odd Moe and Anne Fabricius Møller to a joined exhibition. The “Silkeborg-exhibition” 2013 has been arranged on initiative of Silkeborg Cultural Board.

April 6 - August 11 2013

home [hem : HJEM : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimaffik]

Artist from the Nordic countries present artists’ books. They investigate the physical home, the places we live, but also research in the notions of identity, the feeling of being at home and to recognize in a broader sense.

June 29 - September 8 2013


Lars Abrahamsen / Eske K Mathiesen - Helle Baslund / Thøger Jensen - Jens Bohr / Knud Sørensen. Three visual artists and three writers meet in an exhibition, which the turning point around the mutual inspiration among artist and different means of artistic expression. As well poetry, narrative, graphic work, painting and sculpture are on exhibit. Arranged in collaboration with Sophienholm, Lyngby, Copenhagen.

August 24 - December 1 2013

New and tradition

Selected mask by Antanas Moncys and sculpture by 9 contemporary artists: Mindaugas Tendziagolskis, Marius Zavadskis, Marius Skudzinskas, Andrius Petkus, Algis Kasparavicius, Rimantas Milkintas, Andrius Erminas, Nerijus Erminas and Petras Mazuras. Arranged in collaboration with Antanas Moncys Museum, Lithuania. Read more

August 24 - December 1 2013

Graphic metamorphosis

This exhibition show how the Danish visual artist Steen Rasmussen (b. 1954) during passed years developed his work with graphic expressions, so that his art work now have the shape of spatial installation. Read more

August 31 - December 8, 2013

The Fragile Happiness

An exhibition with Peter Callesen (papercuts), Anne Risom (drawing/painting) and Mette Maya Gregersen (ceramics). Organized by: KK44 in Silkeborg.

September 21 - December 29 2013

Theatre in Movement - People and Puppets on Stage

Autumns large interactive sensivity exhibition, where theatre and visual art meet. This time the exhibition is created by Matej Forman from Forman Brothers Theatre in Prague, and he works together with several colleagues in realizing the project. Additional workshop. For all curious people 3-99 years old. Organised in collaboration with Silkeborg Dukketeaterfestival, Festival of Wonder. Read more