Looking for Jerry

- the male muse

Several of the women behind the project "Looking for Jerry" were also behind the exhibition "Sub Rosa - The Flower in Nordic Contemporary Art" shown at the Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen, Södertalje Konsthall in Sweden, and the Amos Anderson Konstmuseum in Finland in 2000-2001. These artist threw new light at a genre previously associated with a harmless female hobby - flower painting - and now they engage upon another traditional theme in art history: The artist and his muse - only this time it's the artist and HER muse.

Where are the male figures in the universe of the female artists?

Eighteen contemporary artists express their concept og the male muse

"Looking for Jerry - the male muse" is an ovation to The Man

- Man the model, the inspiration!

- Man the admirable creature!

- Man the fascination!

Curator of the exhibition: Marianne Barbusse

Tove Kurtzweil

a cameldriver strong and proud

a part of the desert

he had time enough

he was the time

Pascale Serre

... my first Jerry.

Vicky Steptoe

Photoprints on canvas. Still pictures from installation.

Four different men dance Argentinian tango with a woman - the artist.

Pernelle Maegaard

My father - his son - his grandson