19 November 2005 - 5 February 2006

The Graphical Gene Bank

A sparkling graphical exhibition with members of the Funen Graphical Workshop and works by Jim Dine (born 1935, USA), Georg Baselitz (born 1938, Germany), Tuula Lehtinen (born 1956, Finland) and Kyoko Sakamoto (born 1968, Japan). Ongoing workshops.

The exhibition will subsequently be shown at the Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde.

28 January 2006 - 26 March 2006

Dutch Realism

A presentation of eleven Dutch artists, all working in the tradition which can be teremed neo-realism. Holland has a fantastic tradition of representing nature in painting. The direct relationship with the subject was a known specialty as early as the Flemish art of the 1600s, which was dominated by still life and landscape painting.

This exhibition is presented in co-operation with Sophienholm in Lyngby. The Danish artist Denneis Møgelgaard has assisted in the selection of participating artists. A well-illustrated catalogue for the exhibition is available at the Art Centre Bookshop.

11 February - 7 May 2006

Close Up

International exhibition with experimental art. The general focus of our time on the individual and the cult of the body as the focus of identity are also central concepts in the works of many artists. The exhibition shows works having different approaches to the body and its mutiple aspects, and thus also to the relationship between body and spirit.

Participating artists: GTT/Günther Auer (A),  Anka Landtau (D), Raija Jokinen (SF), Dorte Persson (DK), Po Shu Wang og Louise Bertelsen (HK, USA og DK), Tomasz Paczewski (PL), Line Kramhøft (DK), Margi Geerlinks (NL) and Wim Delvoye (B).

Raija Jokinen: Being measured

11 February - 14 May 2006

Time for Tea

The story of the migration of the tea culture from China in particular to the West, and the consequent need for design of teapots, teacups etc. The work of modern ceramic artists and designers is presented in the context of the theme. Previously displayed at the Maritime Museum of Kronborg. A small book on tea culture has been published in connection with the exhibition.
Concept and book: Chr. Heilskov Rasmussen, ethnographer.

1. april '06 - 14. maj '06

Pia Schutzmann

Painting, drawing and graphic art by Pia Schutzmann (born 1940), who originally trained as a graphic artist and has since experimented with the various possibilities offered by graphic techniques. Her work, including the painting, is mainly naturalistic. The themes are presented with a fine sensitivity and colouring, and the artist's interest in basic structures often results in particular clarity. She has painted portraits of a number of well-known people, most recently Knud Erik Bang, the former principal of Silkeborg College of Education.

27 May 2006 - 24 September 2006

Trees of Life. Art - Culture - Nature

Who doesn't  have a relationship with trees? Trees are a source of history, and perhaps of the future. Trees are living material. Artists have always used the tree or trees as material or subject. Trees and forests have a fascinating biology and are foud over most of the world. It is fascinating to study the number of places in our life where the tree plays a role. The exhibition is fashioned as a field of artistic experiences and knowledge. There are contributions from art and cultural history, architecture and design, and the more innovative research in the field of natural science.

This was the third interdisciplinary and major theme exhibition at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad including a number of partners and selected artists. Workshops and a number of events were offered to both children and adults. A book was published in connection with the exhibition.

7 October 2006 - 14 January 2007

Looking for Jerry

Througout the history of art, the male artist has always had the woman as Muse and inspiration, but where does the female artist's inspiration come from? Is it her father, friend, husband, son, or....? A score of female artists working with various media answer the question.
Curator: Marianne Barbusse.

Will be shown later at the Kastrupgård Collection.

Exhibiting artists: Bodil Brems, Sofia Asunción Claro, Laila Catharina Clausen, Rikke Diemer, Inge Ellegaard, Henriette C. Hansen, Else Ploug Isaksen, Tiina Ketara, Nina Maria Kleivan, Tove Kurtzweil, Pernelle Maegaard, Lis Nogel, Lillian Polack, Anne-Suzette Sadolin, Jeanette Schou, Pascale Serre, Vicky Steptoe, Mette Ussing

14. oct. '06 - 22. dec '06

Between the ears

The author Per Højholt (1928-2004) lived for many years in Hørbylunde near Silkeborg. The exhibition focuses on the acoustic works which also derived from his many experiments with and research in the poetic genre. There will be a number of rooms with particularly different sounds, but also living pictures.

6. okt. '06 - 29. dec '06


This exhibition shows the graphic works of approximately 50 Danish Artists, all represented in the Thomas Pedersen's Graphics Study Collection. Different kinds of graphic techniques are represented, i.e. etchings, woodcuts etc. by artists such as J.Th. Lundbye, Niels Skovgaard, Søren Hjort Nielsen, Svend Wiig Hansen, Inge Lise Westmann and many others...


Read more about the Thomas Pedersen's Graphics Study Collection here.

6 October - 29 December 2006

Early Country Churches Interpreted through Woodcuts by Poul Steffensen

Graphics artist Poul Steffensen (born 1931) has devoted a lifetime to our early country churches, most of them built in the Romanesque style. The Art Centre has the pleasure of exhibiting 41 of his woodcuts of early churches.

The book by Poul Steffensen "Kirken, den er et gammelt hus", Alssundskredsens Forlag, 2002, 208 pages, is at sale in the Art Centre's shop during the exhibition, price: DKK 150,-.