2nd Silkeborg Classic Monochrome salon

Jaap Hijma, Holland; Jökullsàrlòn
Jaap Hijma, Holland; Jökullsàrlòn

Extract from the foreword to the catalogue


It is 3 years now since we last time held the Silkeborg Classic Monochrome Salon, and what we then realized and predicted about the developement of photography has truly come through here in the year 2005. The digital print dominates greatly! Most photographers have scrapped the darkroom in favour of the computer. One prints out by oneself on special photoprint paper or mails the digital image to the photo laboratory, who then prints out in the size and quality as ordered.
But not for the 2nd Silkeborg Classic Monochrome Salon 2005!
We have chosen to hold on to the old fashion way!
And many have wondered!

Each artistic technic leads the artistic expression. The art is developed on basis of possibilities and restrictions of the technic. Photographing invites snapshots.
Photographing with colour invites delineating of plays of colours.
And the monochrome photography invites delineating the subject, cutting out disturbing colours.
As digital photography now has gained footing, the analog photography is being abandoned by most photographers.
But some will continue working with analog photography. By pure artistic interest!
As digital photography invites solid after-rationalization, after-treatment and after-manipulation of subject and colour, the process of analog photography on the other hand invites direct subjective description and registration of the subject.
There is a distance of humility to the subjects own life in an old black&white print.

The analog photography is on its way to become an exclusive art form alone on the basis of the decreasing number of its performers.
And it is this art form we support and want to show with Silkeborg Classic Monochrome Salon!
Organizers of 2nd Silkeborg Classic Monochrome Salon 2005
Lars Erik Bräuner, AFIAP
Thomas T. Jensen, AFIAP

More information about the exhibition at www.scms2005.dk

Leif Christensen, Danmark; Morning in Goa
Leif Christensen, Danmark; Morning in Goa