8 Jan - 28 March 05

Drawings. Landscapes- Portraits.

Rigmor Bak Frederiksen (born 1948) exhibits a series of black and white pencil drawings that take their point of departure partly in Icelandic landscapes, and partly in the faces of people with personal charm. The artist achieves a degree of abstraction in her results that moves the viewer's attention from the motif to the inherent rhythm of the drawings.

15 Jan. - 17 April 05


Three artists, collectively, KONTEKST, "meddle with" Skovvilla (a house in the forest which is part of the exhibiton area). The artists are: Painter Ralf Mabillon (born 1948), black-and-white and graphic artist Marianne Thingholm (born 1960) and sculptor Bjørn Kromann-Andersen (born 1954). The artists dicover and point out new and familiar connections with their works  with the help of intuition and a sense for different spaces.

22 Jan. - 28 March '05

Contemporary art from Thailand

Works by four well-known Thai artists who have maintained their classical Asias roots in expressing themselves in paintings, pastels and drawings.

They are: Bonying Emjaroen (born 1946), Somchai Wacharasombat (born 1955), Maitree Homthong (born 1961) and Pratuang Emjaroen (born 1935).

2 April - 12 June '05

Carte Blanche

A dialogue exhibition between four artists, who where either trained in the visual arts or are designers. They have primarily contributed two-dimensional works on paper to this exhibition. Participants: Eva Carstensen (born 1964, Denmark), Heide K. Schmiedel (born 1952, Germany), Gitte Egebak Henriksen (born 1957, Denmark) and Angela Weiskam (born 1967, Finland).

9 April - 26 June '05

Pinocchio, Jagger, My Marilyn.....

This formerly privately-owned collection includes graphic works by a number of well-known US artists. Today, the collection is administered by the foundation "Stiftelsen Borås". Many of the works are of a considerable size. The exhibition challenges the traditional view of graphic art as a miniature, secondary artistic medium, and provides a broad insight into US art from the 1960s and after.

23 April - 12 June '05


Artistic textiles by Norwegian artists Marit Akslen, Beret Aksnes, Anne Kvam, Karin Aurora Lindell and Edith Lundebrekke. The artists' work is an attempt to discover the physical limits and significance of their materials.

Exhibited in collaboration with Trondheim Art Museum.

18 June - 18 Sept '05

The flower of Poetry

This retrospective exhibition on the works of potter Buller Hermansen (born 1945) has been established in collaboration with the Museum of International Ceramic Art - Denmark, Grimmerhus.

The exhibition also shows works by her colleague, Lawson Oyekan (born 1961, London - raised in Nigeria) who now lives in London. The two artists have a spiritual friendship.

2 July - 14 Aug. '05

Six Contemporary Artists from Korea

Contemporary art that offers many forms of expression: Body painting, performances, installations, incense, wooden sculptures, drawings etc. The artists make use of the outdoor facilities in the park and the varying rooms of the Spa Building. The following artists are represented: Kun-Yong Lee, Dong-Jo Yoo, Inhwan Oh, Sung-Soo Kim, Youn-Seok Oh and the female artist Sanghee Song. Curator: Mikael Hansen.

2 July - 11 Sept. 05

Egill Jacobsen and the Th. Pedersen Study Collection of Graphic Art

Twelve mask pictures from the period 1963-93 by Cobra painter Egill Jacobsen, and selected works from the study collection.

27 Aug. - 13 Nov. '05

The pictorial universe of Richard Mortensen in the early and later years - exhibition in two parts

Exhibition in collaboration with The Silkeborg Museum of Art.

The Silkeborg Museum of Art shows works from the mid-thirties to the mid-forties when Asger Jorn and Richard Mortensen (1910-1993) took part in their most intense artistic dialogue.

The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad provides an insight into Mortensen's work as it came to expression when he returned to Denmark after his years in Paris, i.e. the period from 1965 up to the beginning of the 90s.

Both parts of the exhibition are based on generous loans from "Statens Museum for Kunst" (the Danish National Gallery), which received a large donation of works from the Foundation "Fondet Charlotte og Richard Mortensens Kunstsamling" a few years after the artist died.

As a whole, the exhibition illustrates the relationship between Mortensen's sketches, drawings and paintings.

17. sept - 23. okt. 05

Paper Works by Antanas Moncys

The Lithuanian sculptor Antanas Moncys (1921-1993) sometimes made over a hundred drawings before he started making one of his sculptures. It was his belief that the sculpture started to come to life through the drawing.
The Art Centre Silkeborg Spa now shows a selection of these drawings from the Antanas Moncys-museum in Palanga, Lithuania.

1 Oct. - 23 Dec. '05

2nd Silkeborg Classic Monochrome salon

The success we enjoyed in 2002 with an international, selected photo exhibition, approved by FIAP and SDF, is going to be repeated.

The arrangers Thomas T. Jensen and Lars Erik Bräuner, once again bring classic, black and white photography into prominence.

26. okt - 13. nov.

Another side

Exhibit in connection to the puppettheatre festival in Silkeborg. 

Exhibit in three parts with works by Matej Forman, Prag; Neville Tranter, Holland og Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark. 

Matej Forman; Illustrations for the books of tales by Jirí Stránsky.

Neville Tranter; Abstract yet recognizable paintings inspired by Australian Aboriginal art.

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe; Set designs of decoupage and characters designed by Her Majesty for Svalegangens puppet performance Tales of a Ship's Boy, an adaption of Karen Blixen's novel.

19 November 2005 - 5 February 2006

The Graphical Gene Bank

A sparkling graphical exhibition with members of the Funen Graphical Workshop and works by Jim Dine (born 1935, USA), Georg Baselitz (born 1938, Germany), Tuula Lehtinen (born 1956, Finland) and Kyoko Sakamoto (born 1968, Japan). Ongoing workshops.

The exhibition will subsequently be shown at the Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde.