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17. Jan. - 25. April

Possibility of change

With this exhibition, lyricist and author Astrid Gjesing (born 1952) attempts to provide a visual expression to parts of their poetry. The specifics of the exhibition are a series of spatial installations, created specifically for the physical surroundings in the Art Centre Forest Villa. The exhibition will be cross-aesthetical and artistically experimentational in its form.

Feb. 7. - May 9.

Now in colour

A sensory exhibition, specifically prepared for children by artist Steffan Herrik. A room division with three large rooms: the square red, the blue triangular, and the yellow circular, and small workshops – children are invited to use all their senses to experience what it means to collect and store things. The exhibition has been created in a cooperation with the Brandts Klædefabrik art hall. The exhibition is well suited for a group excursion with children. Groups will have to announce their arrival in advance. For this exhibition, there will be extra opening hours mornings for pre-booked group visits.

Feb. 7. - May 16.

Reality concept with Jørgen Boberg

Jørgen Boberg (born 1940, residing in Italy) is known for painting his way into amazing universes of a personally mythological character. These dream images of idealised realities and his sometimes hyper-realistic form language point to interesting interpretations of the concept of reality. The pronounced form language is also dominant in the impressive series of portraits depicting well-known Danes as well as members of the more private circle around the artist. The exhibition has a retrospective structure and presents highways and byways through more than 45 years of Boberg art. The exhibition will later be on display at Gl. Holtegaard.

14.feb. - 21. marts

Star Quality

Five graduates from the ceramics line at the Design School Kolding presented their works. The works ranged from sculptures over to stools to pottery and lamps etc., all made from ceramics. Participants: Vidar Grønnefjord, Trine Fjord Hansen, Tanja Møller Jensen, Helene Thing, and Rikke Frydensbjerg Østergaard.

27. March - 25. April


Birgitte Arnfreds photography in colour and B/W with Danish and Nordic subjects.

Till Juni 6

Per Stubbe Teglbjærg Drawings, scenography etc.

Per Stubbe Teglbjærg (1944-99), focus on graphic works.

May 29th - June 27th


A small group of Danish artists working with paper. The exhibition is held as a prelude to the opening of a museum in the former paper mill at the old Silkeborg paper factory. Exhibited works by: Bodil Husballe, Vibeke Bak Hansen, Lillie Byrum, Ulla Enevoldsen and Marina Pagh.

May 29th - August 22nd

Evergreens & Nevergreens. Arne Jacobsen 100 years.

Through 50 examples of his work we meet the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen (1901 - 71). Well known designs are on exhibit side by side with works not as well known. 

Arne Jacobsens works are presented in the exhibition in three form groups: Forms of nature, waves and lines, and finally geometric forms. "Evergreens & Nevergreens" is produced by the Danish Design Centre.

May 7th - September 5th

Thirteen Portraits of a Father

A series of figurative portraits by the Swedish artist Nils Ramhöj (born 1953). The exhibition shows a series of figurative portraits in painting and drawing.

May 7th - September 5th

Mexican Ceramics

This exhibition reveals the fruitful interplay of folk traditions and modern ceramics in Mexico.

Organized by ethnographer Christian Heilskov Rasmussen and architect Lars Sand Kirk.

June 12th - August 29th

Artists' Books

A special area of mordern art where artists interpret and expand our understanding of the nature of the book in often surprising ways. This exhibition shows works by American artists. Curator: Thorsten Dennerline.

September 4th - January 2nd 2005

Flowers and rocks, snow and fruits

Colour etchings by the Danish artist Ernst Køie (1872-1960) on exhibition.

September 4th - January 2nd 2005

The Creation. Contemporary art to seven days.

Chosen artists have been invited to create a contemporary image for the biblical story of the creation of the world. The exhibition relates to the annual Christianity and Culture Week, KK44, in Silkeborg and the exhibition will experiment with different aesthetic forms.

September 11th - December 19th

5th Nordic Enamel Triennial

An open and curated Nordic exhibition featuring contemporary artists who work in enamel.  A small section provides an insight into uses of enamel through cultural history.

Curator: Karin Pedersen.

December 5 - January 2 2005

Christmas Around the World

Exhibition of Christmas stamps from around the world