12 Jan - 24 Feb

SARAJEVO 1992-1996.

Installations and Watercolours by Hartvig St. Hansen.

Sculptor Hartvig St. Hansen (born 1932) is living and working in Aarhus. In this exhibition he has collected his impressions of the eyes of the media on the siege of Sarajevo.

19 Jan - 24 Feb.

Egon Fischer. Pickings II.

Retrospective sculptural exhibition of the works of Egon Fischer (b. 1935), including drawings, gouaches and spatial models. He uses colourintensive paintings to highlight the humour and stories of the sculptures from the early creepy-crawly bronzes to more monumental works.

19 Jan - 28 April


Group exhibition of some hundred contemporary painters, sculptors and graphic artists from Italy, all working as teachers at the Art Academy of Naples or other cities. Organized cooperation with cultural association "Napoli Nostra".

26 Jan - 14 April

Ib Spang Olsen.

Retrospective exhibition with very popular, wide-ranging illustrator and storyteller, the Copenhagener Ib Spang Olsen (b. 1921). Every child, youth or adult in Denmark today is familiar with his illustrations, including the innummerable book illustrations for great and small, children's television or many famous compaign posters his pen has illustrated over the years.

2 March- 28 April

Embrace. Tove Anderberg.

Partly retrospective presentation of ceramic works from the past 10 years. The works by Tove Anderberg (b. 1942) show strong continuity through persistent examination of the possibilities of expression down to the last detail. By using the simplicity, stringency and beauty of her works she points to the underlying scenic inspiration.

9 March – 28 April

Fairy-tale moods

Find Mølgaard Andersen (b. 1934) shows paintings in a classic tradition originating from French modernism.

18 May - 22 Sept.


The greatest exhibition of the year deals with water. The Arnakke spring has been running for centuries from its source in the centre of the Art Centre's park, and Silkeborg is an area of freshwater lakes. This project has come about with AQUA Freshwater Aquarium in Silkeborg which is, among other things, coordinating an activity calendar with various isolated events throughout the period. At the actual exhibition at The Art Centre Silkeborg Spa, more than 20 Danish and European artists as well as people from other fields of knowledge are instrumental to creating a unity in which work of art, culture-historical elements and physical components exist side by side. The common topic is WATER in its many forms and WATER as a vital necessity for us all. The exhibition and event calendar appeal to all age groups.

28 Sept. - 15 Dec.

Dreamscapes. Contemporary Desert Art.

Aboriginal art of high quality from Australia. The exhibition includes works by various contemporary artists and continues the lines of previous exhibitions in 1999 with Makonde sculptures and in 2001 with Jørgen Leths collection of works by Haitian artists.

5 Oct. - 22 Dec.

1st Silkeborg Classic Monochrome Salon 2002.

A new censored photo exhibition launched at the initiative of two Silkeborg photographers in cooperation with Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi og FIAP, the international photo organisation. The exhibition includes photos by Danish and foreign photographers under the headings Landscapes, Portraits and Free theme.

12 oct. - 22 Dec.

Mazes and play.

An exhibition to inspire the audience, in particular the children, with both documentary, artistic and moveable sections indoors and outdoors. Mazes are found in all parts of the world, varying in background and age. They are shouded in mistery, and not all facts are known. Even painters have been inspired by them. The consultant is labyrinthologist Jørgen Thordrup.

12 Oct. - 22 Dec.

The Shootings – Los Fusilamientos.

Paraphrases of "The Shootings of May 3rd 1808" Painting by Francisco Goya.

Seven younger painters and graphic artists from Spain and Denmark show paraphrases of Goya's renowned painting "The Shooting of May 3rd 1808". The artists are Ivan Serafin Rodriquez (ES), Inge-lise Ravn (DK), Inka Siegel (D), Else Elisabeth Andersen (DK), Leif Halström (S), Marianne Tingholm (DK) and Oskar Sanjuan Buctas (ES).