2 Jan. - 26 Aug.

Anna Klindt Sørensen

The artist (1899-1985) left Ry at an early age to go to Paris where she stayed for 17 years. Later, a Trust for female artists was established on her initiative. The exhibition shows a retrospective selection of her own works.

13 Jan. - 18 March

THE DIARY Erik Gamdrup Jensen

In connection with the Millennium, Erik Gamdrup Jensen (born 1953) drew a picture every day for a year.

20 Jan. - 25 Feb.


More recent works by Bodil Sohn (born 1955), who works very consciously in the cross field between a motivic point of departure, such as the shape of a leaf or a plant, and the creation of complete abstract imageries in painting.

27 Jan. - 25 March

Eiji Okubo

Eiji Okubo (Japanese, born 1944) works with landart in many international contexts. His point of departure is the British tradition of a sensitive intervention in the surroundings. His exhibition at The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad is being constructed on site and san be seen both outdoors in the park and in the large panorama hall.

27 Jan. - 25 March

Lars Dan. Selected Works 1990 - 2000

Expressive and colourful paintings as well as black and white drawings by Lars Dan (born 1960) are exhibitited in the colonnade hall.

3 March - 29 April

Gerda Hansberg

Gerda Hansberg (Mexican, born 1948) is a bit of a cosmopolitan and has since the late 1960's travelled the world and also participated in many exhibitions, including several in connection with the circle around Drakabygget and the Situationists. She has worked in sculptures, objects, textiles, etc. The main emphasis in this exhibition is on two-dimensional expressions.

24 March - 13 May

Jørgen Leth's Collection from Haiti

Jørgen Leth, the film director, sports commentator and poet, has many faces and also collects contemporary Haitian art. In colourful and naivistic imageries, the many artists depict a culture, completely different from what we know, in which voodoo and Catholicism, wealth and poverty, torture and paradise co-exist.

7 April - 16 April

Danske Banks Kunstforening

Works purchased by Danske Banks Kunstforening over the last year.

7 April - 20 May

Fabula. Nordic Baltic Ceramics

With the fable and fairytale as fulcrum, selected artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries present sculptural ceramic works.

21 April - 20 May

The gardens of Paradise

Marble, bronze, copper and organic materials meet in the sculptures by Vytautas Balsys (Lithuanian, born 1958).

12 May - 24 June

Jørgen Glud. I Paint What I See

Reliefs, ceramics, watercolours and paintings from a long life, also from travels to France and Spain. His art is characterised by festive, vigorous and narrative imagery. Jørgen Glud (born 1913) lives in Ry.

2 June - 9 Sep.

Paper Revisioned

International exhibition featuring artists from Spain, France, Germany, Israel, USA, Japan and Denmark. Each artist has his or her own room in the exhibition to provide the observer with increased insight into the way that each artist works. They all have one thing in common: they experiment professionally with the options offered by paper, and each of them use the specific qualities of paper as s crucial element of a two-dimensional expression that renews our accustomed conceptions of the uses of paper.

Meet Frederic Amat, Dietmar Büttner, Felix Droese, Natan Kaaren, Naomi and Masakazu Kobayashi, Steen Lundstrøm, Michel Scarpa, Maibritt Ulvedal-Bjelke, Anne Vilsbøll and more.

30 June - 26 Aug.

Monica Ritterband - Sculptures and Miniature Mosaics

The mosaics are made up of tiny pieces of glass that together form pictures and range from quite simple themes to almost abstract paintings focussing on the fine subtleties of the work with colours. The exhibition also shows examples of sculptures in iron and steel by Monica Ritterband (born 1955).

8 Sep. - 28 Oct


The 27 members of the artist association show their new paintings, graphics and sculptures in the entire exhibition space Skovvilla (Wood Villa). Ovalen has exhibited  together for more than 25 years and covers a wide selection of artistic expressions.

22 Sep. - 28 Oct.

Vilhelm Stubbe Teglbjærg

Graphics and drawings in the classic tradition by Vilhelm Stubbe Teglbjærg (1894-1971) who obtained his motifs from the scenery on Mols, but exhibited his works in both London, Paris and Denmark.

22 Sep. - 4 Nov.

Tonny Hørning Ritual II

Actually, Tonny Hørning (born 1941) takes his starting point in painting, but in Ritual II you see him work with the interior and exterior space of the picture, partly by working sculpturally, partly by setting up his works as a kind of space installation. The holistic view is also the basis of the artist's total layout of a company in Herning, thus dubbed the "Hørning house".

election of artistic expressions.

3 Nov. - 6 Jan. 02

Silkeborg International Puppetry and Object Theatre Festival

Puppets by Rowena Clarke, France, og sculptures by Johnny White, England.

21 April - 20 May and 10 Nov. - 6 Jan. 02

Miniature Exhibition by Egill Jacobsen (1910-98)

Works from Egill and Evelyn Jacobsens Fond.

10 Nov. - 6 Jan 02

Yoshio Nakajima

Yoshio Nakajima brings together elements of different traditions such as from the Far East and the Western World. In Japanese art of drawing, one of the meaning carrying arts, is Calligraphy.

Nakajima has been trained in this art, as well as he has been trained in the art language og Cobra, Fluxus and Situationism. On exhibition were different kinds of media - such as objects, collages, paintings, sculptures, installations and video art containing performances of the artist. A special kind of craziness and joy were evident in the artworks. On the face of it they seemed as if they were decorative and harmonically. The decorative surface pointed to psychological and symbolic levels with references to a deeper existence.

Faces and masks are often elements in Nakajmas paintings. A part of the compositions of the paintings are often charaterised by their movements around a centre and gleams of a subtle humour are characteristic. In relation to this one can see how his close surroundings has worked as inspiration, as for instance it can be observed that the colours and titles of the paintings are anchored in the landscape of Scania. A range of the works is carried out on paper and thick layers of colour all together add to the texture of the paintings. On the whole this makes a living surface of scratches and furrows. In other words, the works are point of departure for a meditative travel, in which the interpretation of the art and the existence is pervading.