Throughout the year

Anna Klindt Sørensen

The woman painter Anna Klindt Sørensen (1899-1985) lived most of her life in Ry close to Silkeborg. She went to Paris at a young age where, over a period of 17 years, she sought several of the teachers of the profession, e.g. Fernand Leger, Andre Lhote and Marcel Gromaire. She left a large collection of her own works and established a trust for the endowment of woman artists.

Until 27 February

Recipients of Anna Klindt Sørensen's Grant

Selected paintings, graphical works, ceramics and sculptures by the following artists are presented: Ursula Reuther Christiansen, Inge Ellegaard, Elisabeth Toubro, Vibeke Mencke Nielsen, Mette Gitz-Johansen, Kirsten Christensen, Bodil Damgaard and Lene Adler Pedersen.

15 January - 27 February


Selected works by Finn Thybo Andersen 1967-99

By means of reconstructions both indoors and outdoors of works from the 1960s, photo series, graphical wallpaper and recent installations, a retrospective insight is provided into the artist's experimentel method of working.

19 February - 21 May

Jørgen Nash, Lis Zwick and Drakabygget – the Workshop of Freedom 

The exhibition presents works by Jørgen Nash (born 1920) and Lis Zwick (born 1942) as well as a large number of artists of various nationalities who are attached to the artist community Drakabygget in Sweden: Lars Hård, Ansgar Elde, Hans Krøyer, Asger Jorn, Mette Aare, Tom Krøyer, Carsten Nash, Henrik Pryds Beck, Hans Oldau Krull, Heimrad Prehm, Ottmar Bergmann, Thomas Niggl, Armin Saub, Yoshio Nakajima, Roberto Malquori and many others. Drakabygget was and is an international artist co-operation. From 1960 to 1977 it functioned as a commune where the artists both worked and lived. They were actively supporting the international efforts of the time regarding a new artistic practice involving, among other things, the art of poetry, pictorial art, music and theatre as central elements. The exhibition includes junk sculptures, paintings, graphics, sketches for decorations, enamel work, sets of books, installations as well as a documentary section about Drakabygget - the Workshop of Freedom. On 1st April a Nordic poetic symposium will be held.

4 March - 2nd April

Istvan Orosz

The Hungarian graphic designer Istvan Orosz (b. 1951) presents a wide selection of his illusionistic and humorous graphical motives and posters. In addition, examples of his anthropomorphic installations and animated movies are shown.

4 March - 24 April

Annette Graae. Trees and Demons

In a series of recent picture tapestries by the weaver Annette Graae (b. 1945) her work with pattern effects, details, shades and play of colours in the weaving can be experienced, all of it based on figure and landscape motives from Denmark and Norway.

15 April - 14 May

The Easter Exhibition of the Silkaden. 10th Anniversary

A group of artists from Silkeborg present selected, recent works to celebrate their 10th anniversary as an exhibition society.

29 April - 18 June

Kujahn Blask

Kujahn Blask (1902-70) emigrated to Denmark in 1934 where she immediately became part of the avant-garde art with her mainly abstract paintings. In the summer of 1999, the Art Centre presented one of her paintings in the exhibition "Danish art 1930-50". Now, she is presented in a seperate exhibition including more than 40 oilpaintings.

1 June - 17 September

The Sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

This is a retospective exhibition which will show the width in the artist's production. It is based on a number of "themes" which Jørgen Haugen Sørensen (b. 1934) has worked with, e.g. naturalistic sculptures, fabric sculptures, groupings, drawings in bronze, stools, coloured stones, steles, locked stones, monumental sculptures and decorations, women, heads and most recently portrayals of bodies partly in decay. Furthermore, drawings/water-colour paintings will be exhibited and the artist is producing new ceramic works for the exhibition which will be this year's most comprehensive exhibition that can be experienced both outdoors and indoors at the Art Centre.

1 June - 17 September

Peter A.G. Nielsen and Knud Odde Choose Visual Art 

Peter A.G. and Knud Odde booth have roots in working with music on a professional level. The Art Centre has invited them into the halls to choose exactly the kind of visual art or exhibition type they find interesting and important for artistic work. Maybe visual parallels between visual art and music exist?

24 June - 20 August

Imagery in Pictorial Weaving

A number of weavers and textile artists, each with their different pictorial expressions and choice of materials, present their works together: Margrethe Agger, Helle Baslund, Anne Bjørn, Jette Erlandsen, Annette Graae og Berit Hjelholt. In addition, the group has invited the guests Anet Brusgaard, Ane Henriksen og Hanne Skyum.

2 September - 29 October

Barrows. Drawings by Nurit Lumer-Klabbers

Inspired by her immediate surroundings, the Israeli artist Nurit Lumer Klappers (b. 1955) has let herself be fascinated by the barrows from the bronze age. Their form, intensity and energy shine from her monumental pencil drawings.

7 October - 6 January 2001

Else Alfelt

In a retrospective exhibition of Else Alfelt (1910-74) a number of her most important oilpaintings and a large selection of water-colour paintings can be experienced. The exhibition is first shown at Gl. Holtegaard and after Silkeborg it will be shown at the Trondheim Art Museum in Norway and at the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam.

7 October - 6 January 2001

Young Danish Illustrators of Children's Book 

In recent years a remarkable development within illustration of children's books has taken place, among other things via the School of Arts and Crafts in Kolding. Works of the young generation of the illustrator group within The Danish Writers Association are presented in a group exhibition. Parallel with this, a minor historical section with selected illustrators of the older generation can be seen.


7 October - 6 January 2001

Faith. Art in the Church and Faith in the Art

This exhibition's Selection of works by Danish pictorial artists both gives suggestions to relationship between art, Christianity and Church in recent times and provides an opportunity to reflect on how the religious/Christian aspect is comprised in the pictorial art. The exhibition will include examples of figurative art with a clear and less clear anchoring in the Christian pictorial tradition, and there will be an illustration of single, totally abstract works of art and church decoration.

9.12 - 14.1. 2001

Karen Birch Bunten. Gå i land, ta' i øje

Karen Birch Bunten er uddannet på Århus Kunstakademis skulptur-faglinie og på Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademis trælaboratorium.

At tegne er en måde for en billedskaber at holde sit "værktøj" i orden. En daglig øvelse i at se og at lade hånden sætte spor på papir som en seismograf.

Når Karen Birch Bunten ikke laver tegneøvelser, arbejder hun med objekter, skulpturer og installationer. Materialerne, hun udvælger, er fortrinsvis kulturens efterladenskaber: træ og gips, til tider blandet med fotos of video.

Udstillingen øverst i Skovvilla vises fra 9. december 2000 til 14. januar 2001.