The collection is permanently located at the Art Centre. It contains approx. 4.000 individual sheets. The collection consists of works that the photographers Thomas Pedersens (1900-75) and the next generation Dorte and Poul Pedersen (born 1928) collected for many years. Both have been aware that graphics are a wide field of drawing, etching, different typefaces and mixes.

Graphics from the 1830-1990s
The collection contains a large Danish original material from around 1830 until the mid-1990s. Thus it also represents many yet active Danish artists. In addition, there is a limited foreign study material in the collection, mainly reproduction.

200 artists
Among the more than 200 represented artists are: J. Th. Lundbye, Niels Skovgaard, Søren Hjort Nielsen, Cilius Andersen, Aksel Jørgensen, Jane Muus, Anna Klindt Sørensen, Thomas Arnel, Jørgen Brask, John Sparre Christensen, Svend Wiig Hansen, Gugge Hammarby, Allan Schmidt, Valdemar Foersom Hegndal, Erik Heide, Martinus Hougaard, Per Neble, Lene Adler Pedersen, Jørgen Thorsted and Teddy Sørensen.

Visit the graphic collection
Both ordinary guests and interested parties can access the collection. A registrant in binder is always available and serves as an index for the collection. The original graphics are in locked cabinets.
If you want to see original graphics, individuals prior to the visit can arrange a telephone agreement with the Art Center for a visit to the collection. If you want to work independently, you may. Before a visit, order specific artist papers taken out so they are ready when you arrive. Contact us at tel. 8681 6329

Introduction to groups and schools
Groups and schools can order an introduction to the graphic collection. An introduction lasts about 1 hour. See prices under guided tours here.  The weight may be on on certain artists, a particular expression or otherwise by arrangement.
Selected graphics from the collection are regularly presented in special exhibitions at the Art Centre. A special issue of Silkeborg Bads Venners magazine "Nyt" deals with the older part of the graphics collection and can be purchased at the store.


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  • Free entry to the exhibitions
  • Breakfast, lunch and cake


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