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Amazing Nature

4 March - 31 December 2023

Through art we see anew and - perhaps - experience a re-enchantment in relation to nature. In this lies the importance of the coming exhibition Amazing Nature which will take place from march 2023 and fill out the exhibition programme for the rest of the year.

AMAZING NATURE will be staged both indoors and outdoors featuring new site specific works as well as previous works by approximately 30 contemporary artists, including both specially invited artists and artists selected through specific open calls.

Artists contributing to AMAZING NATURE:
A Kassen (DK), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Antti Laitinen (FI), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Bo Jessen Fogh Laursen (DK), Camilla Berner (DK), Cecilia Westerberg (DK), Christian Partos (SE ), Chris Watson (UK), Espen Tollefsen (NO), Filippa Berglund (SE/DK), Francesca Virginia Coppola (IT), Henrique Oliveira (UK/BR), Herb Parker (US), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK), Julia Adzuki (AUS) & Katrine Faber (DK), Jørn Rønnau (DK), Karin Lorentzen (DK), Karina Chechik (ARG), Karoline Hjort (NO) & Riitta Ikonen (FI), Kristina Kvalvik (NO), Lene Vidding (DK), Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK), Lærke Lauta (DK), Magnus Fisker (DK), Maja Ingerslev (DK), Noelia Mora Solvez (ES/DK), Oddvar I. N. Daren (NO), Studio Thinking Hand (Rhoda Ting (AUS) & Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen (DK)), mf.

Artists contributing to Amazing Nature's open drawing studio:
March: Mark Holm Møller (DK), April: Line Lisberg Restrup (DK), May: Jared Boechler (CA), June: Louise Bech Pedersen (DK), July: Noah Schiatti (IT), August: Ayesha Elizabeth Ghaou (UK ), September: Mattias Bäcklin (SE), October: Gunilla Åsberg (SE), November: Veronica Rigét (DK) & December: Eva Viktoria Nielsdóttir Krause-Jensen (DK).

Artists contributing audience-involving workshops during the Amazing Nature exhibition period:
Berit Bærentsen (DK), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Cecilia Westerberg (DK), Frederik Melving Virgil (DK), Gitte Lægård (DK), Janne Malmros (DK), Jette Mellgren (DK), Julie Bach (DK) & Simon Hjermind Jensen (DK).

AMAZING NATURE discusses various philosophical and existential questions, elaborating on a renewed sensibility towards nature and a reflection on our interconnectedness with our surroundings, as a broad representation of art works unfold and examine the hidden or forgotten wonders of nature.

AMAZING NATURE speaks to the human fascination with natural phenomenons, evolving around different themes such as the four seasons, the elements, weather phenomenons, the complex intelligence of plants etc., and explores these through visual arts and other relevant means of expression.

AMAZING NATURE stems from a wish to unfold the apparent contemporary urge to acknowledge and rediscover our interconnectedness with our natural surroundings; a tendency which is highly relevant and visible in the visual arts as in many other aspects of our culture. As the alarming extent of the climate and environmental crises become increasingly evident many of us feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness and lack of control - therapists even speak of clinical states such as climate anxiety or climate depression. AMAZING NATURE aims to cast light on the hopes we have to cling on to and on paths to find our way back to nature.

AMAZING NATURE also includes a wide range of events which, in a calendar throughout the entire exhibition period, will contribute to continuous updating of the exhibition's themes. During the year, there will be the opportunity to participate in creative workshops led by professional visual artists, as well as other interdisciplinary co-creation projects. We expect the overall program to be published around the New Year.