Double Visions

Ingemann Andersen between Denmark og Italy
10 September 2022 - 8 January 2023

Italy, more specifically the monastery of San Cataldo on the Amalfi Coast, became half the life of the Danish visual artist Ingemann Andersen (1929-2017). He grew up in the countryside on Lolland, but changed his life path for the first time when he moved to Copenhagen and was enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts. As an artist, he worked mainly with drawing and graphics, and as a mature man, in 1966 he stayed at the artist refuge San Cataldo. It changed his life course once again, for here he met his future wife, the hostess of the place, and for the following three decades the couple lived in southern Italy most of the year, while the winters were spent on Lolland.

His compositions are simple and powerful and there is often a touch of something surreal, unnatural, funny or disturbing in his many portraits, interiors, cities, landscapes and details that simply reveal that the world is marvelous, unpredictable and ambiguous - whether the focal point is Denmark, Italy or a whole third place.

Fuglsang Art Museum repesented by curator Tine Nielsen Fabienke has collected the exhibition, which will also be shown at the Kastrupgårdsamlingen in 2023. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalog.