Amazing Nature

4 March - 30 December 2023

Art also opens our eyes, can re-enchant us and challenge our view of nature. This is the focal point for the exhibition AMAZING NATURE, which forms one large exhibition program in 2023.
The exhibition unfolds in the exhibition halls in the former Treatment Building and in Skovvilla as well as in the surrounding sculpture park. It includes both completely newly created and existing works by 30 Danish and foreign contemporary artists. The majority have been invited directly and a few others have found their way through open calls from the Art Centre.
Artists who contribute brand new works or are represented with selected works in Amazing Nature:
A Kassen (DK), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Antti Laitinen (FI), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Bo Jessen Fogh Laursen (DK), Camilla Berner (DK), Cecilia Westerberg (DK), Chris Watson (UK), Christian Partos (SE), Espen Tollefsen (NO), Filippa Berglund (SE/DK), Francesca Virginia Coppola (IT), Henrique Oliveira (UK/BR), Herb Parker (US), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK), Jens Gregersen (DK), Joan Hall (US), Julia Adzuki (AUS) & Katrine Faber (DK), Jørn Rønnau (DK), Karin Lorentzen (DK), Karina Chechik (ARG), Karoline Hjorth (NO) & Riitta Ikonen (FI), Kristina Kvalvik (NO), Lene Vidding (DK), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK), Lærke Lauta (DK), Magnus Fisker (DK), Maja Ingerslev (DK), Noelia Mora Solvez (ES/DK) & Christoffer Breckne (NO) & Jeppe Worning (DK), Oddvar I. N. Daren (NO), Roland Persson (SE), Signe Parkins (DK), Studio Thinking Hand (AUS & DK), Volodymyr Podlevsky (UKR).

Artists working in the Open Drawing Studio during the year:
March: Mark Holm Møller (DK), April: Line Lisberg Refstrup (DK), May:  Anders Christian Eriksen (DK), June: Louise Bech Pedersen (DK), July: Noah Schiatti (IT), August: Ayesha Elizabeth Ghaou (UK), September: Mattias Bäcklin (SE), October: Gunilla Åsberg (SE), November: Veronica Rigét (DK) & December: Eva Viktoria Nielsdóttir Krause-Jensen (DK)).

Artists who during the year lead workshops where the participants themselves are active:
Berit Bærentsen (DK), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Cecilia Westerberg (DK), Frederik Melving Vigil Hansen (DK), Gitte Lægård (DK), Janne Malmros (DK), Jette Mellgren (DK), Julie Bach (DK) & Simon Hjermind Jensen (DK).

Nature wants to meet a growing demand to examine current and alternative views of nature and to recognize our connection with nature. This takes place in the form of the ongoing art exhibition, which contains a diverse representation of works, where the artists behind them take as their starting point the forgotten, hidden and wonderful contexts in our surroundings. The works in the exhibition revolve around wondrous connections and new or rediscovered paths that lead us closer to nature.

Guests say that visiting Art Center Silkeborg Bad is often a holistic experience for them. One of the things that makes the place special is that the artists have often created site-specific works in dialogue with the spirit of the place or the concrete spatial possibilities. This is also the case with the exhibition Amazing Nature, which unfolds both outdoors and indoors.

Are you into pure beauty, the microscopic details, sustainability and a critical angle, cultural or art historical historical traces in the middle of all the contemporary art, to actively play along in interactive games - yes, there will also be something for you in the project and the exhibition Amazing Nature.

Throughout the year, Amazing Nature also includes a large number of special nature or art special events indoors and outdoors. Some are aimed at adults, others at the whole family. There are Knowledge, Nature & Existence lectures, Debates, artist workshops, Guided tours and lots of Amazing Park events.

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