29 May - 19 September 2021

Pat the horse

The exhibition has a cultural-historical focus and is presented as visual documentary material. The more than a hundred photographs reproduce all kinds of artistic sculptural depictions of the horse in Denmark, from the Middle Ages to our own time. Photos: Martha Velasques. Curator: Chr. Heilskov Rasmussen. In parallel, five contemporary sculptors will shape a "Sculpture Experiment Silkeborg". Read more

29 May - 29 August 2021

COAST - Gjerrild Beach - Porto Covo

In the exhibition, the artists attack the theme COAST from different positions and with different art expressions. You get around different aspects of the concept and natural phenomenon coast, specifically a Danish coast and a Portuguese coast. The contributing visual artists and professionals are: Visual artist Erik Gamdrup Jensen, painter Irene Grundel, historian Asmus Gamdrup Petersen Jensen and film photographer Louise McLaughlin. Read more

29 May - 19 September 2021


Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales are known all over the world, also in Cuba. In the capital Havana lives a magazine illustrator and illustrator - Ricardo Reyes Ramos - with the artist name Richar. He is both a trained draftsman and an economist, born in 1961.
Confronted with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, which we perceive as very Danish, Richar has made more than 20 large drawings as illustrations for various of the fairy tales: What the father does is always the right thing to do. The ugly Duckling. The little girl with the matchsticks. The brave tin soldier. KlodsHans et al. Read more

5 June - 19 September 2021

The journey of the blue salmon

It is a life's work that is summed up in this large solo exhibition of completely new works, where visual artist Pia Andersen experiments with new formats and expression media, in parallel with the more classical painting. Some of the new formats are glass works made in collaboration with Per Hebgaard's workshop, others are quite large ceramic works, which she has created in collaboration with a workshop in Spain. Motivationally, the artist uses several of his expressions in his own work. This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that motif elements and colors that have previously appeared in her works now find their way into the new works in a different way. Read more