13 May - 18 September 2022

Way out of me:Anders Moseholm

The headline refers to the liberating in self-forgetfulness - an experience one can experience through nature and art. At the same time, Anders Moseholm asks whether nature itself is meaningful to humans, or whether it acts as a diversion? Among other things, this duality has inspired the works he has created for the exhibition that fills the entire wing towards Ørnsø and the halls on the upper floor. Read more

18 June - 4 September 2022

Henrik Saxgren - Photos - Ultima Thule

ULTIMA THULE is Henrik Saxgren's (b. 1953) at one time beautiful and dramatic photographs from the Thule district in northwestern Greenland.
In the 80s and 90s, Saxgren primarily depicted human conditions in countries with war and poverty, but since then his classic black and white documentary photographs have had to give way to a greater focus on nature. Today, he photographs large natural landscapes in color in an effort to give the viewer a glimpse into the beauty that is found in remote areas - locally or globally. Read more

Thank you to the Danish Arts Foundation's Project Support
Committee for Visual arts which has granted support for
the exhibition program in 2022.