13 January - 2 June 2024


The historical term AETHER is the indefinable "etheric", pure substance which, according to classical philosophy and physics, filled the sky, which was later drawn down to the lower air layers, where it served as a substance through which light rays and electromagnetic waves were thought to pass move. Historically, ether has given rise to many speculations: how do you retain this substance, how do you measure, weigh, describe or visualize it? In modern times, both physicists and artists have tried to put words and form to Ether as a phenomenon.

AETHER is a large Nordic exhibition initiative that shows works by 12 artists from Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. The exhibition's title and concept have been formulated by the two artists Vinni Frederiksen and Ane Fabricius Christiansen, and the contributors are invited to contribute works that deal with the theme - how Aether appears, how we can understand it, and what elusive existential ideas it is also an attempt to articulate. They each work from their own practice and thus contribute to a whole that fills all the exhibition halls at Art Center Silkeborg Bad.

The participants are: Anett Biliczki, Pipaluk Lake, Pekka Paikkari (FI), Grethe Wittrock, Inge Lise Westman, Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard, Erna Skúladóttir (IS), Hanne Friis (NO), Lise Seier Petersen, Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen and the two initiators Vinni Frederiksen and Ane Fabricius Christiansen. Read more

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