Lofoten - Café exhibition

Works by Annette Bredstrup
6 April - 13 June 2021

The artist says: “I like to stay in artist houses in the North. The Painter House in Sønderho on Fanø is my favorite place, here I have been for 30 years and have also had my three children with me. In that city they play very wonderful folk music.

Two years ago I was on Lofoten. Here is an old artist's house on the island Svineøre which is located outside Svolvær, the largest town in the area. From the town you walk by a huge bridge over to the island. The bridge bends a lot, as the ships must be able to sail under.

The artist house is old, from approx. 1930, and is located on top of the island. Here12 artists can stay, who share the large workshops on the first floor. From here there's a view over the city and the sea. You can follow the change of weather from sun to storm, and it is great to experience it all. Yes, you also go for a walk when there is a storm.

When I lived in the house, there were only women and we had fun. All came from the Nordic countries. Exciting to meet other artists and hear what they are working on.

One day I visited the big local museum in the neighboring town of Kabelvåg, spent a whole day there. Studied folk life, traditions, crafts, fishing culture and the special life people have lived on the small islands where the lighthouses were located.

At home in the workshop, you could then work on several tables, undisturbed, with the photos and drawings you have made, it turned into many pictures. Eventually, I almost lived in the workshop, and ate all my meals there.
Many sketches and collages [from the stay] have become presentations for image weaving, which I will make at home. It was such an inspiring stay and I would love to go there again. ”

                                                                    Annette Bredstrup

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