Jørgen Nash 100 years - Café-exhibition

25 August – 4 October 2020

The large enamel relief with the title Midgårdsormen i Gudenåen (The Midgaards-worm in the River Gudenaa) was created in 1995-96 at Jørgen Nash's workshop at Drakabygget in Sweden. Here he and his wife Lis Zwick had the opportunity to make works in enamel technique.
The relief is made as a decoration for the Town Hall in Silkeborg, where it has hung since the inauguration in 1996 in the three-winged staircase leading up to the City Council Hall and the Wedding Hall.
The ceiling lighting at City Hall needs to be renovated, so now the Midgårdsormen has been given a temporary stay in the café at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad.

The picture shows Jørgen Nash in front of Midgårdsormen at the inauguration at Silkeborg Town Hall on January 7, 1996.
Photo: Preben Baltzer / Midtjyllands Avis.
Thanks to Silkeborg Archive for photo.


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