Between city and nature

Exhibition by Rasmus Bjørn
6 October - 12 December 2020

Rasmus Bjørn himself says about his works:
“In recent years, I have been working on painting as a focal point.
Often recognizable scenes from the Nordic nature. Man is a central part of the works and is often included as a spectator, painted on the outside of the frames.
The motifs most often take place in the border country. Where the city and the imprint of civilization cease and the free nature begins.
The landscapes appear desolate and almost barren.
The people are isolated and together they create a loneliness and melancholy which is special for the Nordic and my paintings.
Lately, I have been working on reducing the content even more so that there is almost just some kind of standstill present."

The exhibition is shown as part of the Christianity and Culture Week in Silkeborg (KK44) with the theme "In border country".

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