Tai Chi in the park

Every Wednesday 9 September - 28 October 2020, at 16.30

Tai Ji Ch'uan is a Chinese system for the development and maintenance of both physical and mental health.
The form of movement is closely related to the at least 6000-year-old Chinese medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tai Ji is based on an in-depth knowledge of Chi (the basic life force) and its close connection with all the body's functions.
The system is built on a number of precise but fluid movement patterns, coupled with a number of mental principles. As the element water in symbolic form plays a significant role, there is a fine thread back to Silkeborg Bad's original function as a spa.
Come and take a bath in the flowing Chi stream!

Participants meet at the awning above the Arnakke spring.
Free outdoor offer without registration - just show up.
Dress according to the weather. If you have a training mat, bring this.
Participants are encouraged, cf. the authorities' recommendations, to show consideration for each other by keeping their distance

Tai Chi in the park is supported with cultural boost funds from Silkeborg Municipality.



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